Homewings is a marketplace for great interior design and we are all about making it accessible to the wider market.

  • Founded 2016
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Marketplace

About Homewings

Homewings is all about making great interior design accessible to the wider market. You don’t have to be well off to have interior design needs. In fact, there’s a huge element of well-being that comes with having spaces in your home that really work well for you, no matter what your lifestyle and budget. It’s not about buying expensive decor – it’s about making a difference in your day-to-day life. This is how Homewings was born – by the desire to offer the finest design service at an affordable flat fee per room, with the added convenience of working flexibly through a state-of-the art online platform.

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Tech Stack
  • Python
  • Django. PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • Sass

  • Awesome office space
  • Team trips
  • Take as much vacation as you need
  • Cell phone reimbursement
  • Gym reimbursement
  • Ergonomic desk setup
  • Computer setup of your choice
  • Super fun colleagues