Shape Security

We are security & web experts, pioneers, evangelists & elite researchers. We believe in the power of the Internet to be a positive force & our mission is to protect every website & mobile app.

Founded 2012
201-500 employees
  • Cybersecurity
  • Headquarters address
    800 West El Camino Real, Suite 250 Mountain View, CA 94040
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    What We Do:

    Shape uses artificial intelligence to fight artificial users.

    Attackers appear virtually identical to genuine users by hijacking their devices, simulating human behavior, and leveraging stolen identities. Their tooling and methods change rapidly, so it is extremely difficult for the naked eye alone to tell the difference between real and fake without the assistance of machines.

    AI is as good as the quantity & quality of its data.

    For a neural network to be useful in discerning actors that are actively trying to fool it, the system must be trained on billions of requests until the inputs are so precise that they can definitively assess the correct answer every time, no matter the sophistication of the attackers. In other words, the neural network has taught itself what a human request looks like.

    Shape has defended the world’s largest companies for years, giving our machine learning models access to data that comprehensively resembles the real-world of attackers and their ability to retool. Today, Shape processes over 500 million transactions per day, including 50 million new attacks and 100 million real human logins every day.

    Why Join Us?

    Shapers will tell you that overcoming interesting technical challenges, and hearing from wildly delighted customers, makes their jobs singularly rewarding. Our team includes world-leading experts from various fields — many groups at Shape could each be their own groundbreaking startup. Together we create remarkable experiences: a constant stream of fascinating research, important new technology developments, and stunning customer successes. Time magazine highlighted Shape in an article titled "The Secret to an Ideal Work Culture.”

    "We’re making a difference for the global Internet and we’re contributing to the community along the way. Shapers share new ideas with the open source community and develop new standards that make browsers safer — all while building a great company.”
    - Engineering Shaper

    Innovate Everyday.
    Fight cybercrime.
    Build products that secure the largest companies in the world.

    Shapes Core Values:
    1. Learning quickly is more valuable than having done it before.
    2. Passion means a lot.
    3. We do not follow the status quo and we always ask the “why.”
    4. We respect one another to have direct communication and encourage honest and sometimes hard feedback.
    5, Customer delight and we always strive to exceed expectations.

    Hiring Process for Engineers:
    Stage 1: Telephone Screen with Recruiter (30-45 minutes)
    Stage 2: Technical Phone Screen with hiring manager (45 minutes, no coding)
    Stage 3: Team interview onsite, meet your peers (4-6 hours)
    Stage 4: Final round interview with VP of Engineering

    Tech stack

    Python, JavaScript, Cyber Security, Web Application Security, Cloud Infrastructure, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Frontend Architecture


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