dv01 brings transparency to lending markets. We’ve provided investors insight into $55B marketplace loans and are committed to bringing efficiency and stability to the $12T consumer lending markets.

  • Founded 2014
  • 16-50 Employees
  • 16-30 Engineers
  • Analytics

About DV01

dv01 is a reporting and analytics platform that brings transparency and insight to consumer lending—making markets more efficient for institutional investors and safer for the world. In a nutshell, we’re doing our part to prevent a repeat of 2008.

There's $12 trillion worth of consumer lending data stuck in fragmented workflows, antiquated databases, and Excel spreadsheets.

Our plan? Map every bit of it—and make it accessible through one end-to-end solution.

We envision a world where:
all consumer mortgage and debt data is accessible in one place
financial data is flexible and dynamic, making it easy to analyze
data isn’t just numbers, but immediately actionable insights

dv01 acts as a hub between online lenders and capital markets, providing one source of truth for bond and loan data. To date, dv01’s software has offered investors insight into more than $55 billion of marketplace loans, comprising >90% of the total market.

While our current solution addresses marketplace lending, our ambitions are much larger: bring transparency to all $12T of consumer lending. We’re talking software and services that help institutional investors access and analyze trillions of data points currently stuck in CSVs and Excel files. As an impartial 3rd party, we deliver an unbiased view of data that benefits all market participants: borrowers, lenders, and investors.

Data Management: dv01 integrates directly with loan issuers to receive the most up-to-date data, which we then standardize across issuers and make available for users through a managed database
Reporting: dv01 offers portfolio management services for whole loans, loan data agent capabilities for securitizations, and warehouse reporting for issuers and investors
Analytics: dv01’s analytics are built off of proprietary machine learning risk models and power a re-designed cashflow engine, which is integrated directly into the platform

We have a clear vision for the product, and are leading the game with $55 billion of loans and a securitized collateral balance in excess of $7 billion under our belt. With over 130 institutional investors on the platform and steady (and growing) MRR, we’ve already answered a lot of the questions around product, customers, market, etc. that plague early stage startups. Now we’re focused on execution. Want to join us?

At dv01, each team member is as important as the product we build. We’ve brought together the best of Wall Street and Silicon Valley to create a team that fuses an insider’s understanding of incumbent financial processes with an uncompromising focus on technology.

We believe smart people can succeed at almost anything, so we encourage on-the-job learning (i.e. trying a new programming language) and real ownership over your work. Our fast paced environment necessitates a desire and willingness to grow both personally and professionally. We see value in effort and output, which is why we encourage all of our team members to take measured risks and never back away from a challenge.

Data, data analysis, and data modeling are the cornerstones of our business. If you’re excited by big data and want to redefine the future of financial markets, we’d love to hear from you.

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