BetBuddy is a RegTech supplier using AI to manage risk in gaming. We contribute state-of-the-art research with partners at the Research Centre for Machine Learning at City, University of London.

  • Founded 2012
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Analytics

About BetBuddy

BetBuddy, which is part of Playtech Plc (PTEC:LSE), is a regtech solution provider that helps lotteries and commercial gaming operators to understand consumer behaviour and manage risk. We developed BetBuddy to solve major issues facing the gaming industry - mainly how can gaming operators predict those players at risk of harm, and how can they interact with these customers to help them to enjoy their experiences and retain them as long term customers. BetBuddy has continued to build important commercial relationships and continued to deploy its products and services to help operators to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, whilst at the same creating value from compliance.

BetBuddy was recently acquired Playtech, the world's largest iGaming software supplier, who work with the leading operators in the iGaming business e.g., Bet365, LadbokesCoral Group, SkyBet, etc.

BetBuddy’s customers cover both the land and online sectors. BetBuddy made large strides in product innovation and development in applying AI to delivering faster, more accurate, and more efficient compliance. Product innovation has been undertaken in partnership with the University of London’s Research Centre for Machine Learning. This included showcasing new research in Explainable AI alongside Google DeepMind and Facebook AI research at the world leading AI conference, NIPS. R&D in emerging technology areas like AI bring tremendous benefits to industry.

Larger gaming operators struggle to innovate quickly and BetBuddy is ultimately helping the industry to de-risk and adopt emerging technologies. At the same time BetBuddy has remained at the forefront of Responsible Gambling (RG) research, publishing in the world’s leading peer-reviewed journals and contributing thought leadership at the major RG conferences. BetBuddy is helping the industry tackle new compliance requirements on the front foot to enable the industry to grow sustainably.

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