Xenio Corporation

Xenio is unlocking the power and potential of physical spaces by connecting them to the digital world.

1-15 employees

Xenio is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform company powering the next major wave of the Internet revolution – the physical web. We are leveraging our patented “smart lighting” technologies to enable smart, responsive buildings—and make lighting-based, indoor networks (capitalizing on the world’s 35 billion installed lights) the winning infrastructure for a range of wireless signaling, sensing and analytics functions in physical spaces like retail stores, hotels, and offices. Substantial resources have been invested to develop Xenio’s family of technologies, and we have just spun Xenio out of a larger company and raised a $5M investment round to fuel growth. Xenio is based in San Francisco’s burgeoning Jackson Square neighborhood, a short walk from Montgomery Muni and BART stations.