Worldpay from FIS

Advancing the way the world pays, banks and invests

Founded 1989
5001+ employees
  • Digital Payments
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    601 Riverside Ave, Jacksonville, Fl, 32204

    We lift economies and communities by advancing the way the world pays, banks and invests.

    Since our two companies came together, Worldpay has formed the Merchant Solutions division of FIS. We call it Worldpay, from FIS. FIS stays ahead of how the world is evolving to power businesses, across merchants, banking and capital markets, to outpace today’s fast-changing competitive landscape and help our clients run, grow and achieve more for their business.

    We want all our people to bring their very best self into work, and that means balancing priorities and passions, at work and at home. We create teams without barriers, fostering creativity and innovation - behaviours that we value in everything we do.

    Our London team

    Our London office in the Walbrook building is our internal headquarters and we are around 1500
    colleagues working here. Life at Worldpay is fast paced and exciting, and we have teams working
    across a large number of different payments platforms, some of which are described in more detail
    below. The office environment is light, casual, colourful and open plan, with lots of space for

    Gateway 2.0 team (GW2): As a tribe, we’ve existed for about two years now. We’re working on a
    greenfield project building a new Microservices payment gateway using Java 8, Scala, AWS,
    Kubernetes (and many, many more) We’re five squads in London at the moment (we also have
    squads in our Cambridge office); our squads are product-aligned with end-to-end ownership of
    product features. They are cross-discipline encompassing design, development, quality assurance
    and cloud infrastructure expertise.

    Acquiring Platform team: We’re undergoing lots of transformation in this team and are currently re-
    architecting our global platform to move to a loosely-coupled, asynchronous microservice
    architecture. Kafka is our technology of choice to facilitate this as well as Java, Angular and Oracle. In
    terms of hosting, we’re targeting OpenShift2, so Kubernetes and Docker amongst others. We’re the
    only company in the world to have built an acquiring platform this size in the last 30 years!
    Data Technology team: We put data at the heart of our business and our Data Engineering team is in
    the thick of it, building disruptive technology for the highly competitive payments industry. Working
    with over 400,000 merchants and their consumers we’re working with a range of needs and large-
    scale data, giving us the complex challenge to create powerful analytic capabilities for Worldpay and
    our customers. Our platform uses Hadoop, Java, Scala, Spark and Kafka.

    Our Cambridge team

    Cambridge is one of our tech hubs in the UK. We are around 400+ colleagues and work across a
    number of different payment platforms. We’ve got 10 cross-functional scrum teams working on our
    main eCommerce payment gateway, a Java & Oracle platform, that at peak time can happily process
    800 transactions every second and on its busiest days over 10m payments are successfully
    completed (!)

    We’ve equally got teams working on other digital and eCommerce platforms; amongst others, we
    have a greenfield project going, building an elastically scalable Microservice gateway using
    XP practises. This team is called Gateway 2.0 (GW2) and are based in
    Cambridge and in London.

    To support the continuous growth in Cambridge, we’ve built a super cool new office which we

    moved into in September 2019.

    Interview process
    Interested in a job interview in London or Cambridge? This is what to expect (although it can vary
    from team to team)
    - Phone call with someone in Talent Acquisition to learn more about you and tell you more
    about Worldpay
    - Technical coding challenge (if applicable) This can be done in your spare time at home
    - 30 minute technical telephone interview
    - 1-2hr on-site interview to meet the team and see the office

    If you get an offer from us, this is what you can expect
    - Quick turnaround (usually within 48 hours)
    - Competitive compensation package
    - Excellent routes for career progression
    - Personal development plan
    - Attend conferences, Hackathons and access to industry leading qualifications


    Tech stack

    Java 8, Scala, TDD, Kafka, Spark, Akka, Hadoop, Microservices, global API products, RESTful WebServices, Cloud & AWS, DevOps environment, Kubernetes, Docker, Native -Android & iOS


    Compensation and retirement

    Pension plan

    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance
    Life insurance
    Disability insurance
    Worldpay from FIS - Company Photo
    Worldpay from FIS - Company Photo
    Worldpay from FIS - Company Photo
    Worldpay from FIS - Company Photo
    Worldpay from FIS - Company Photo
    Worldpay from FIS - Company Photo