Wise Balls LLC

Seamlessly control all devices.

Founded 2011
1-15 employees
  • Hardware, Internet of Things, & Electronics
  • Headquarters address
    Boston, MA, United States

    Wise Balls LLC is revolutionizing human-computer interactions to reach the full potential of today’s technological paradigm. We aim to eliminate all difficulties that exist with multiple incompatible smart devices in a practical and easy to use platform. Wise Balls plans to make our new timesaving technology affordable and accessible to all.

    Wise Balls is an innovative 21st century company focused on end-user interactions with the many technologies surrounding us today. We come from diverse backgrounds with extensive experience in multiple platforms and computing languages.

    We recognize the large range of computer literacy in consumers today and aim to make interactions with these multiple platforms easily accessible to all. Our approach is to combine familiar and universal modalities with new technology. The result will be a simple and harmonious end-user experience.

    Wise Balls is currently negotiating industry partnerships with innovative manufacturers and distributors. These strategic partners have well-established customer bases as a result of their product integrity and global distribution channels.