Voyage Control is 'Air Traffic Control' for inbound logistics management. We enable ground transport hubs to proactively manage, optimise, track, and communicate with their traffic.

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    Old St, London, UK

    Logistics and Freight may not sound the most glamorous area to work in, but let us tell you why we think it is:

    Voyage Control is changing an industry that's 1000's of years old by removing the barriers of information and making knowledge the central point of logistics efficiency. It’s a global market worth $8trn dollars per annum today – Global Revenues in Social Media are only $3.2trn, so we think this is a very fertile place to make a successful business. Some wonder if 3D printing will kill freight movement; we're not convinced until some sort of Star Trek like solution is available.

    Voyage Control is a logistics management software provider, which seeks to deliver tangible operational efficiencies to hubs around the globe that are responsible for handling high volumes of shipments (such as shipping ports, exhibition centres, airports, large construction sites and logistics warehouses, etc.). The Company was founded in 2014, when it was identified that an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the global logistics sector by maximizing load utilization through the creation of a logistics marketplace.
    As a first step, Voyage Control developed a software platform, which equips users with visibility over shipments in and out, providing day-to-day scheduling capabilities to minimise bottlenecks and deliver tangible operational efficiencies throughout their supply chains – simply put, an air traffic control function for companies with high freight movements.
    The SaaS platform gives Voyage Control access to unprecedented, high-value journey data on the world’s major hubs, such as route trends, types of freight used, capacity, and products shipped etc. Management’s ultimate goal is to use this data to create an open marketplace for unused logistics capacity.
    The first SaaS platform was launched in November 2014 and subsequently rebuilt during the summer of 2015 to enhance scalability and flexibility. The platform has been exceptionally well received, and is gaining traction with a number of Europe’s key logistics hubs.

    Some of the challenges we’re solving:

    • How can we influence the traffic profile around a hub to improve customer experience?
    • How do you enable companies to optimise pay loads from several locations whilst taking the most efficient route to destination and arriving on time?
    • How do you get 300 vehicles into a space suitable for only 20 in under 1 hour?
    • How to reduce urban traffic whilst enabling more freight to be moved?

    Voyage Control is taking on the fight against poor logistics and putting the power of knowing exactly what is happening into the hands of those that need it most.

    We are an award winning team of ex-military, ex-bankers, ex-construction, MBAs and PhDs who have taken up this challenge to shape the future of freight logistics.

    How do we hire?
    We like structure but we also know that talent doesn't always conform to the rules. We'll typically start with a phone interview to understand you, your motivations, and things we find on the CV. It's also a chance for you to learn about us and the role. If we progress we'll hold a face to face meeting. We know that time is important so we'll get you to meet as many of the management team and the team you'll be in as possible. Again it's a chance to dig in to your skills, expectations and plans, but for you to ask whatever you want, including what you need to have to be successful. After this depending on the role we may ask for a skills test: this may be a coding challenge, or presentation on a specific topic.

    We’re taking on this challenge, have you got what it takes to join us?

    We want those that:

    Break things, but own how to fix the thing afterwards
    Want responsibility but historically overlooked because of experience
    Will go the to any length to deliver exceptional results and not just the extra mile
    Want to turn an old industry on its head using amazing technology
    Want to be part of something no one else is doing
    Work with the leading global names and can navigate major corporates
    Has the drive to be an innovator, leader and trusted advisor
    Proud to say we did that!

    Tech stack

    Python, Django, Angular JS, Ionic