In a nutshell, Stryng In-App espouses the way people actually communicate today. It helps companies get closer to their customers.

Founded 2012
16-50 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    20 rue du sentier
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    Stryng is a 4 years old company based in New York and Paris, with Microsoft, IBM, SoftBank… as
    customers. It brings the next revolution of client communication and CRM. It transforms the exchanges with the customer into persistent conversations, enabling internal collaboration and IA based empowerment.

    We are working on a new product: Stryng messaging. It's a Client Messaging app that helps sales associates win and nurture clients. It is designed for the mobile work life.

    The value prop of our app is:
    -interact with clients: SMS, email, voice mail transcript, calls - all from one app. No more juggling multiple apps to be responsive. And - FREE text and calls.
    -display the history of the entire client conversation: SMS, email, voice mail transcript, displayed all in one conversation, sorted by client, like WhatsApp or Messenger. Nothing to enter in a CRM nightmare for the sales associates.
    -share the conversation - with management and/or teammates. The right people with the right permission can read the client conversations. Today the conversations that personal shoppers have with their customers are basically “dark” for management.
    -mine the content of the conversation - these conversations are very personal and very rich in insight. Better understand the likes/dislikes of the customer, the needs of the customer. Qualitative intelligence.

    We are a french and US team, including product owners, UX designers, front and back developers, QA, network, project manager, sales, marketing and security working together to deliver high quality solutions for Fortune 100 customers

    If you want to be integral part of a winning team around the world, you can contact us.

    Tech stack

    * reactjs, cordova * percona sql, memcached * php-fpm symfony3 * nodejs * webrtc, websocket * Elastic beanstalk and various devOps tools


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