Delivering Outcomes that Turn Cost Centers into Profit Centers

Founded 2014
501-1000 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    600 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL

    About Us

    At Uptake, we’re working to solve some of the most complicated problems in the industrial world. If you strive to create and build and deliver, if you’re seeking to work with people who are hungry to change how software can transform industry, then you’re ready to join our team. Extraordinary opportunities like Uptake just don’t come around every day.

    Every single Uptaker thinks big – we have to, as we solve the challenges of today and build the future we want to see for our customers. Our edge is our people. We support each other, working constantly to bring out the best in ourselves and in those around us. There isn’t a “typical” Uptaker. Members of our team come from diverse backgrounds. We have doctors, poets and hackers all working side by side, fast and focused, to tackle industry’s toughest problems together. And, of course, we have fun doing it!

    Our Mission

    To be the actionable insights platform, creating products and solutions that make industry more productive, secure, safe and reliable.

    Our Values

    1. Clarity: We’re open, clear, direct and honest in our communications. If something doesn’t make sense, we ask questions.

    2. Curiosity: We know no bounds. We question, hunt, study, examine, probe, observe, peek, query and search. Whatever it takes to learn from different perspectives.

    3. Flexibility: We’re nimble. We live by our entrepreneurial spirit, taking risks and learning from them. We’re always moving forward.

    4. Industry: We embrace problems, and we don’t take “no” for an answer. We roll up our sleeves and dive in with unbridled commitment.

    5. Trust: We speak the truth. We believe in each other. Building trust requires confidence, faith, patience and effort. We do what we say we’ll do.

    Tech stack

    Apache ZooKeeper, Apache Spark, Kafka, Puppet, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, Mesos/Marathon, NoSQL, Cassandra, HBase, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, Maven, Gradle, Ivy, JVM, Java, Tomcat, Jetty, Agile methodologies
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    Uptake - Company Photo
    Uptake - Company Photo
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