Combining years of experience in data analytics with a passion for privacy, we understand the challenges standing in the way of effective, responsible data use. Today, we’re tackling them head-on.

Founded 2018
16-50 employees
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Headquarters address
    San Francisco, CA

    Tonic mimics your production data to create de-identified, realistic, and safe data for your test environments.


    Safe, useful data created to mimic your real-world data, at scale.
    Generate data that looks, acts, and feels just like your production data and safely share it across teams, businesses, and international borders.


    PII/PHI identification, obfuscation, and transformation.
    Proactively protect your sensitive data with automatic scanning, alerts, de-identification, and mathematical guarantees of data privacy.


    Advanced subsetting across diverse database types.
    Go big or go small — generate referentially intact subsets of your entire data ecosystem sized to your needs, environments, and simulations.


    Collaboration, compliance, and data workflows — perfectly automated.
    Streamline your workflows to maximize productivity with seamless integrations, collaboration tools, and access control.

    Tech stack

    .NET, React, Java, C#