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Founded 1967
501-1000 employees
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    Who We Are:

    Welcome to the world’s leading recruitment advertising agency, a title we work hard to live up to every day. We seek out the freshest knowledge, digest it, and then set it in motion to drive innovative, streamlined creative solutions for our clients.


    We’re proud to say that TMP Worldwide is a future-focused company with an amazing track record of delivering for clients and a rich heritage of industry firsts.
    Telephone Marketing Programs (TMP) was founded in 1967, but the TMP Worldwide you see today really started life in 2006, when our senior management team and Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS), our private equity partner, purchased the assets of TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, LLC, in North America and India, from Monster Worldwide.
    From that moment on, TMP Worldwide has progressed every single day, developing new technology and revolutionizing the industry as we go. Today, we are a tech-enabled, talent acquisition company that leverages software, advertising and creativity to develop and deploy our clients’ employer brands across digital, social and mobile platforms. An example of our innovation is TalentBrew, our award-winning software platform. Originally launched as an automation tool to optimize jobs for search, TalentBrew enhances the way companies source candidates, manage assets and view reporting. It offers robust features that extend to data collection, custom branding, job search, widgets, next-generation mobile, content marketing and more. It now serves as the central hub for talent acquisition and the main job search software for more than 240 of our clients.
    Our vision means that we’re always seeking the latest technologies and the finest minds to deliver value for our clients, all over the world. Our global footprint includes offices in seven countries: India, Ireland, Canada, France, Singapore, Germany and London. We are continuing to expand globally by establishing a TMP presence in Latin America. TMP also has nearly 20 affiliate countries across the world, from Argentina to Russia, giving us a powerful global perspective. Each office brings a unique blend of strengths to the TMP Worldwide family.
    Together, we are a truly global company with a history of predicting, defining and creating the future of our industry. Our people are some of the brightest and most innovative in our industry and are focused on one common goal - helping our clients recruit top candidates in the smartest, measurable and most cost-effective way possible.


    We’re digital. We’re mobile. We’re social. We’re about connecting - the right candidates with the best employers. We develop the digital tools that enable our customers to deploy their employment brands socially.

    We are TMP Worldwide. The Digital Brand Authority

    Here at TMP Worldwide, we pride ourselves on being innovative and flexible so we can provide our clients with a customized recruitment marketing experience that delivers the most effective, optimized strategy. Together with insight from our skilled strategists and award-winning creative executions, we create unparalleled digital, social, and mobile solutions that make the most of the new recruitment landscape.


    We know how to position our clients' opportunities where the best candidates will see them: on the websites they frequent, in their favorite readers, and via their mobile phones. Our client can then customize their communications, drive traffic, and collect data on their candidates. And with TMP’s award-winning creative teams, digital experts and TalentBrew software platform, we put our clients’ recruitment brand at the center of the discussion.


    The best candidates don’t spend all their time trolling career sites and job boards. They’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, and a host of other social sites, as well as just browsing. So we insert our clients into the conversation via individual branded job postings on company Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups that receive messages about relevant openings, and direct-to-Twitter push notifications of a client’s jobs. It’s the smart way to attract and engage the right candidates.


    The best candidates are mobile. That’s why our digital and media planning specialists excel in creating imaginative portable strategies that deliver a branded experience that takes advantage of all the best features of mobile technology. From Facebook apps to mobile-friendly sites to emerging mobile technologies, we help our clients leverage the strengths of the ever-changing mobile landscape.

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