TelTech Systems

We develop innovative, yet practical, communications products that change the way people all over the world use their mobile devices.

Founded 2007
51-200 employees
  • Consumer Mobile
  • Headquarters address
    101 S Broadway

    About Us

    TelTech is a telecom-focused mobile apps company. We’re privately held and proudly bootstrapped. Headquartered just a short distance from New York City, in New Jersey, we foster a unique Silicon Valley like culture, where young entrepreneurs and developers can flourish.

    Our passion is the development of innovative, yet practical, communications products. We work hard to create apps that people really want and we believe that a great product can touch millions of people, changing the way they use telecom and mobile apps. We were one of the first 100 apps in the Apple App Store and have multiple apps in the Apple and Android stores today that drive our substantial recurring revenue. This enables us to have a fun startup feel without all the startup uncertainty and stress.

    Our co-founder owners prioritize making this an awesome place to work and truly care about every single employee. That culture permeates through the whole company, making TelTech a uniquely family-like company.

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    Core Qualities We Look For

    Creative – Fluidly Adapt to Solve Novel and Ambiguous Problems
    We regularly grapple with open-ended problems that call for fluid and adaptive creative thinking, applying knowledge of sophisticated technologies in ever-changing contexts that we often have limited concrete insight into. We push the boundaries of what is possible with mobile, and we run lean and mean, all of which call for out of the box thinking when approaching solving problems.

    Curious – Itching to Learn and Embrace New Things
    Software is an ever changing game. Staying on the bleeding edge is a key part of remaining competitive in the industry, so those who work here need a robust curiosity and eagerness to learn new things. It means you’re not satisfied with what you know today and that at the end of every day, you want to feel you’ve learned something new. It means that not only are you able to cope with change but that you actively embrace it and are always adapting as you learn.

    Motivated – Self-Driven to Make a Meaningful Contribution
    Really we mean self-motivated—even passionate. If you don’t really care about making a difference, you’ll just clock in and clock out and do mediocre work at best. This doesn’t mean you work your fingers to the bone and get burnt out but that when you work, you fully engage and give it your best. This doesn’t mean you’re a workaholic and have no other interests, but since you spend so much time at work, it should be something that clicks for you and drives you to excel.

    Humble – Embrace Your Own Limits and Others’ Strengths
    Another way to say this is, nice, friendly, caring. Humility is accurate knowledge of your capabilities and how you fit into the big picture. It doesn’t mean you have to be quiet, deferential, or falsely grovel on the ground. It means that you’re open to constructive criticism, that you recognize you can’t do it all or know it all. It means that you need others, and that you do your best to appreciate the good that others bring to the table, that is, that you can always learn something from them and that we’re better off together than going it alone. It means that you are willing and able to be vulnerable and to show it, even when you’re the top dog or expert in the room. We’re all only human after all.

    Generous – Ready and Willing to Share Your Strengths
    Whether it is a customer seeking support or a colleague in the company asking for help, you are always ready to lend a helping hand. Maybe you can’t always do it, but the desire and basic mindset is there. This is especially important for more senior people who need freely share their valuable knowledge with others. It means that you are patient and always try to assume the best of others and give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Our Hiring Process

    1. We get to know you and your experience through an initial Google Hangout.
    2. We send you our technical evaluation task--a mini project that you can complete sans artificial pressure on your own time.
    3. You come on site and meet the team, owners, and key folks you'll work with regularly.

    Tech stack

    Go Microservices, MySQL, Angular, Android, iOS, Ionic, PHP, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform


    Compensation and retirement


    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
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    Values and quality of life

    Catered lunches