Technical Machine

Technical Machine is building open and scalable hardware development tools. Our first product is Tessel - a JavaScript programmable, Node.js compatible embedded development platform.

Founded 2013
1-15 employees
  • Platform
  • Headquarters address
    1101 Cowper Street, Berkeley, CA 94702, USA

    Technical Machine is dedicated to making hardware development as easy as deploying an app to the app store. We want to enable web and software developers to feel the joy of creating hardware devices.

    We started Technical Machine because we wanted to make hardware development tools that were as easy and intuitive to use as the web and software development tools we were used to. We wanted to use JavaScript, Node.js, npm and have built-in WiFi for our hardware projects. Tim, Jia, and Jon started the company in May of 2013, hired Eric and Kelsey, then launched a successful crowdfunding campaign for Tessel in September. Kevin joined in December and we spent 6 more months flushing out the product. We shipped in June and then hired Ken to help us keep up with our community's feedback and feature requests. Now we're turning our attention to helping our customers turn their prototype into a product.

    Tech stack

    Node.js, Angular, Lua, C, JavaScript, Docker, Digital Ocean
    Technical Machine - Our first product: Tessel
    Technical Machine - And the crown jewel of our office: a spiral staircase!
    Technical Machine - We've got a whole floor dedicated to eating
    Technical Machine - Everyone gets a bike!
    Technical Machine - We often have folks walk into our office to hack at our picnic tables.
    Technical Machine - Some people like desks, others prefer to be nomadic couch dwellers.
    Technical Machine - Our office just before we moved in! We have an open bay door and huge overhead skylights.