Snaps is changing the way brands and consumers interact across the mobile messaging ecosystem. Nike, Starbucks, L'Oreal, and 100+ brands use the Snaps platform.

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Digital Communication
  • Headquarters address
    27 W 24th St, Suite 801, New York, NY 10010

    Who We Are

    Snaps believes in the future of marketing in mobile messaging. We have created an end-to-end platform for creating, activating, measuring, and optimizing marketing programs for brands in mobile messaging. Leveraging Snaps' proprietary suite of apps, content management system, media distribution network, and analytics platform, brands can engage with more than 1.6 billion consumers globally across mobile messaging platforms.

    Snaps works with over 100 major consumer brands including MTV, Unilever, Nike, Pepsi, Warner Bros Pictures, Coach, McDonald's, L'Oreal and others.

    Why Us?

    We are a tribe of experienced and dedicated professionals with deep experience at the intersection of brands, advertising, ad sales, technology and business development expertise. We have cracked the code on how to bring brands and consumers together through mobile, and have a patent pending on our technology.

    Tech stack

    Graph API powered by Node and backed by PostgreSQL, Mongo, Redis, Redshift and S3. SaaS web app built with React/Redux used to publish content and bot applications across iOS, Android, FB Messenger, Slack, Kik, iMessage, Twitter, Skype and the web.


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    Snaps - Company Photo
    Snaps - Company Photo
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