Sensible Object

We're inventing the future of connected play, one awesome game at a time.

Founded 2015
16-50 employees
Headquarters address
Makerversity, Somerset House Strand, London WC2R 1LA
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About Us

Here at Sensible Object we make games for our connected world. We use connected tech to create new kinds of play that are designed to bring us together with friends and family.

We don't think technology should divide us or constrain our worldview and relationships onto a screen. It should bring us together, and improve our quality of life.

Our goal is to take everything that’s inspiring and entertaining about digital play, and to merge it with a design approach that’s rooted in a practical understanding of home and family life.

Our games are unique, combining physical, digital and imaginative play like never before.

Our first game is the award winning, 5 star rated Beasts of Balance. Launched to rave reviews in 2016, Beasts of Balance is a challenging and fun family game. Play it solo or with friends to build the biggest tower you can, filling your digital world with fabulous beasts. But take care… the world ends when the tower falls!

Our second new IP is Voice Originals - a new series of voice-augmented tabletop games that combine the best of tabletop and digital play into new experiences – ones that are played face-to-face, not face-to-screen. The world of each Voice Original is brought to life through great voice acting, thrilling music and sound effects. Your smart speaker is your personal guide to the experience; teaching the rules, keeping track of your progress, and even helping you out in times of trouble. The first Voice Originals game (and free daily skill), When in Rome, launches in 2018.

Our Values

Wildness with polish - We know that creative processes will always have a little wildness about them. We want to preserve that free spirit, and balance it with a focus on the highest standards in everything we ship.

Every voice matters - Diversity strengthens the dialogue we have with one another. Being thoughtful about representation and inclusivity in our games is the most effective way to reach the biggest audience.

Work sustainably - We find ways to accomplish our goals while being mindful of our lives outside of work. We believe the best route to success is by taking care of ourselves and each other.

Bias for action - Speed matters in business. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. We value calculated risk taking, and we ship on time.

Just enough to make it magical - Our games relish the tangible qualities of beautiful things. We use technology and materials with flair and frugality, putting it in the service of great experiences.

Tech stack

Node.js, TypeScript, Unity, AWS, Terraform, Docker


Compensation and retirement

Pension plan
Sensible Object - Doing a little show and tell around Beasts of Balance Battles ⚡
Sensible Object - When someone brings their switch into the studio at lunch time...
Sensible Object - We are a responsible and professional team, following a serious and sensible work ethic that truly lives up to our na-
Sensible Object - We have fulfilled yesterday's dreams and got donuts in the studio today🍩🍩🍩