Sensat’s mission is to build the third platform, an intelligent eco-system that translates the real world into a version understandable to AI.

Founded 2017
16-50 employees
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Hardware, Internet of Things, & Electronics
  • Aviation & Space
  • Headquarters address
    160 Old St, London, EC1V 9BP
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    Our story đź“–

    The real world is offline. The processors in your laptop can’t communicate with the atoms in the table it’s sitting on. It might seem obvious right now, but that’s only because ​nobody’s discovered a way to translate the physical world into data​.

    It’s a big problem if you want to train Artificial Intelligence to understand the real world. And without meaningful digital analysis, industries can’t grow.

    This is especially the case with inherently physical industries such as Infrastructure, that lack the automation and transparency that’s transformed online industries. Infrastructure contributes 61% of the UK’s waste. ​The result is an estimated $5.2 trillion direct economic loss per year​. But, from roads and railways to clean drinking water, ​Infrastructure matters to people and businesses everywhere​.

    Fixing this problem will unlock tremendous value in fundamentally important offline sectors, and enable many emerging technologies to reduce waste and create a future of sustainable growth.

    That’s where we come in.

    Sensat’s mission is to build the third platform, an intelligent eco-system that translates the real world into a version understandable to AI. This technology will help us to build a more sustainable future, using the wealth of new insight to help people make better decisions.
    We do this by using drone, laser and satellite technologies to create digital representations of real-world locations—then infusing real time data sets from a variety of sources. ​The result is an accurate, digital and up to date copy of the real world in a machine-readable format​.

    This technology will help us to build a more sustainable future, ​using the wealth of new insight to help humans make better decisions​.

    This is an exciting time to be joining one of the UK's fastest-growing tech startups on our next phase of growth.

    Interested to learn more about our vision? Feel free to check it out here.

    Our team 🏆

    Sensat is a fast moving community of dedicated and driven individuals from a range of backgrounds and sectors - working towards our vision. Meet just a few of the people from across our business who leverage their varied experiences and backgrounds to think bigger and make things happen.

    Our culture 🌎

    Working at an early-stage startup isn’t for everyone, we are all expected to wear multiple hats. Nothing here “Isn’t my job”. Sensat is a home for passionate, driven people that aren't afraid of uncertainty.

    Take a look at the core qualities, traits and mindsets that make Sensat so unique - Sensat culture

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    Tech stack

    Python, Node.JS, TypeScript, Scipy, MongoDB, TensorFlow, AWS, Angular 2


    Compensation and retirement

    At Sensat we want to disproportionately reward top performers. In the past 18 months, top performers have doubled if not tripled their equity stake at Sensat. We also look for other, non purely financial methods of reward, these have included additional training spend and opportunities and more!
    Stock Options
    Pension plan

    Vacation and time off

    We have a generous holiday entitlement of 30 days annual leave per year (not including bank holidays), and all standard maternity and paternity benefits apply.
    Paid time off
    Paid holidays
    Flexible working hours
    Work from home flexibility
    Maternity benefits
    Paternity benefits

    Personal development

    At Sensat we are committed to learning and development, as a rapidly growing start up, we are all learning all of the time. Everyone here has opportunities to make a real contribution. To support our staff in that we provide ÂŁ1000 a year for each person to spend on their own development.
    Tuition reimbursement
    Management training
    Job training
    Conferences reimbursement
    Internship program

    Values and quality of life

    Diversity program
    Accessible via public transportation
    Bike parking
    Employee groups and committees
    Snacks and beverages
    Matching charitable donations
    Company activities
    Games and recreation
    Pet-friendly workplace