Rover allows you to build compelling visual experiences and embed them within your app, all without additional developer cycles or app updates.

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Sports
  • Headquarters address
    410-55 Adelaide Street E, Toronto, Canada
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    Our product is mainly centered around a design tool that allows a designer to build visual content in a manner evocative of Sketch, and then we have Android and iOS SDKs that render it natively. We also offer a simple marketing automation product meant to compliment it by delivering those designed experiences as part of marketing campaigns.

    Many of our clients are major sports teams, primarily in the NHL, NFL, NBA, and a few others, although we aren't specifically a sports product.

    Our backend tech stack is largely microservices, orchestrated with Kubernetes, GraphQL, and GRPC.

    Process is a fairly light-touch agile one. Engineers experience a minimum of meetings (once a week, typically less than an hour).

    You can look at the source for our SDKs on our GitHub profile: https://github.com/RoverPlatform/rover-android and https://github.com/RoverPlatform/rover-ios

    Tech stack

    NodeJs, Go, React, iOS, Android, Kubernetes, Docker, NGINX, gRPC, GraphQL, GCP, BigQuery, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Kotlin, Swift, RxJava, RxSwift, Redux, TypeScript


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