Peer to peer parking and storage.

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
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    637 Natoma St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

    Roost is a young, talented, goofy team on a mission to stop wasting space. We are not parking lot operators. We are not storage attendants. We get up in the morning to make peoples lives better. Responsibilities are constantly shifting in our flat structure, but what's constant is our commitment to our mission and to each other. We have fun and get shit done. We believe in creating value every day, moving fast, and that it's better to make a mistake than to do nothing.

    Roost is leading a new frontier of the sharing economy; unused space. We went through 500 Startups Batch 12, have raised $5.4M, and are on the path to change the way people all over the world look at the space around them.

    Our team is incredibly talented, dedicated, hard working and goofy. We tackle problems like we tackle a bottle of bourbon - head on. Working at Roost, you will find an abundance of office parties, breakfast burritos, yogurt covered pretzels, whiteboard doodle sessions, standing desks, team days, expeditions, happy hours, movie nights, dance moves, and slow clapping.

    Stop wasting space. Come work at Roost.

    Tech stack

    Postgres, Python, ReactJS, golang, Lumen, Laravel, Riot.JS


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    Roost - Nothing better than quarterly retreats!
    Roost - Surf & Sand at the Roost Retreat!
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    Roost - We only do the most awesome things on our company outings!
    Roost - The view from our office is amazing!