Ridecell, Inc.

Accelerate digitization and intelligent automation of mobility to create a more sustainable, safer, and productive future.

Founded 2009
51-200 employees
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    514 Bryant Street, San Francisco

    Imagine a world where fleets fix themselves, customers serve themselves, and operations run themselves. Science fiction? Not at all. It’s called digital transformation, and it’s what we help fleet operators do.

    Ridecell builds the technologies and solutions that unlock the full power of fleets and fleet management systems.

    With our Fleet Automation and Mobility platform, we integrate data from sensors and multiple siloed IT systems and turn it into usable insights, digital vehicle control, and automated workflows. For our customers the result is nothing short of transformative, dramatically streamlining fleet operations and opening up new revenue opportunities.

    And because our solutions are cloud-based, hardware agnostic, and integrate with existing fleet management software and ecosystems, our customers don’t need to “rip and replace.” We simply make what they already have far more efficient and productive—and move their world better.

    The obstacle is the way.
    The most painful problems often lead to the most valuable wins. By digging deep into the tough challenges, we can discover solutions we didn't know were possible.

    True north.
    As we decide whether to pursue a course of action, we always ask if it will lead to long-term success—for the company, for our customers or partners, and for the world at large.
    Feedback and vulnerability.
    Our contract with each other is to provide genuine, timely feedback, with the understanding that we grow when we accept feedback with vulnerability.

    Founder's mentality.
    We constantly challenge ourselves and are not afraid of making mistakes. Failure is ok, as long as we admit, analyze and learn from it.

    Uncommon ambition.
    Our vision for the future of transportation is an ambitious one. In its pursuit, we all need to be smart, take risks, and work hard—with energy, passion, and good humor along the way.

    Tech stack

    React, Redux, Python, Django, Golang, PostgresSQL, AWS, Google Cloud, Android, Kotlin, Java, Swift


    Compensation and retirement

    Stock Options
    401k plan
    Commuter assistance plans

    Health and wellness

    Insurance (Health)
    Insurance (Dental)
    Insurance (Vision)
    Insurance (Life)
    Insurance (Disability)
    FSA (Flexible Spending Plan)
    EAP (Employee Assistance Program)
    Legal assistance

    Vacation and time off

    Paid time off
    Unlimited time off
    Paid holidays
    Flexible working hours
    Work from home flexibility
    Maternity benefits
    Paternity benefits

    Personal development

    Mentorship opportunities
    Career growth

    Values and quality of life

    Catered meals
    Company activities
    Pet-friendly workplace
    Remote first
    Ridecell, Inc. - Company Photo
    Ridecell, Inc. - Company Photo
    Ridecell, Inc. - Company Photo
    Ridecell, Inc. - Company Photo
    Ridecell, Inc. - Company Photo
    Ridecell, Inc. - Company Photo
    Ridecell, Inc. - Company Photo
    Ridecell, Inc. - Company Photo
    Ridecell, Inc. - Company Photo
    Ridecell, Inc. - Company Photo
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