We are on a mission to make New Mobility the New Reality

  • Founded 2009
  • 51-200 Employees
  • 51-100 Engineers
  • Enterprise Software

About RideCell

Ridecell is on a mission to help our customers run the world better by powering the fastest growing and most efficient ridesharing, carsharing, and autonomous mobility services. As the world shifts to a mobility-as-a-service model, market leaders in traditional transportation need to rapidly transform their business. New entrants in autonomous and shared mobility have an opportunity to lead new markets. Ridecell is best poised to support the initiatives of these industry leading organizations, with several customers, including BMW, AAA (Gig carshare), and VW Group, who already use our proven platform to launch, operate, and rapidly scale their mobility services across multiple geographies.

With years of experience in the industry, Ridecell offers a production-ready solution—enabling you to quickly launch a full-featured ridesharing service with minimal up-front costs. The intelligent Ridecell infrastructure automates every aspect of managing a service business. Our end-to-end solution covers rider onboarding, checking IDs, dynamic pricing, driver-rider matching, ride scheduling, payment processing, demand-supply balancing, personalized settings, and even referral programs and promotions. In fact, auto OEMs today are already using Ridecell to power their ridesharing services.

Ready to shape the future of transportation? Ridecell will help you define a carsharing offering that leverages your unique strengths—whether it’s a dealer network, a global brand, or built-in vehicle telematics—and accelerates your entry into the service market.

Equipped with advanced machine-learning and end-to-end automation, the Ridecell platform manages the operational details of running a carsharing business. Define service rules. Onboard and manage customers, suppliers, and staff. Gain insights into fleet utilization and operational efficiencies. Each feature of the Ridecell platform has been perfected based on our real-world experience with leading carsharing networks such as ReachNow, a mobility service from the BMW Group.

The obstacle is the way.
The most painful problems often lead to the most valuable wins. By digging deep into the tough challenges, we can discover solutions we didn't know were possible.

True north.
As we decide whether to pursue a course of action, we always ask if it will lead to long-term success—for the company, for our customers or partners, and for the world at large.
Feedback and vulnerability.
Our contract with each other is to provide genuine, timely feedback, with the understanding that we grow when we accept feedback with vulnerability.

Founder's mentality.
We constantly challenge ourselves and are not afraid of making mistakes. Failure is ok, as long as we admit, analyze and learn from it.

Uncommon ambition.
Our vision for the future of transportation is an ambitious one. In its pursuit, we all need to be smart, take risks, and work hard—with energy, passion, and good humor along the way.

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Ping pong tournaments!
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