Relativity Space

Relativity is reimagining the way orbital rockets are built and flown.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • Aviation & Space
  • Headquarters address
    8701 Aviation Blvd, Inglewood CA 90301

    Founded by engineers from SpaceX and Blue Origin, Relativity is reimagining the way orbital rockets are built and flown. We are creating a fully autonomous factory enabled by printing an entire rocket on the largest metal 3D printing platform in the world. Our long-term goal is to 3D print the first rocket made from Mars. In doing so, Relativity reduces the complexity of design and manufacturing towards the aim of creating a true 21st century aerospace company.

    Relativity believes that time is everything. It is the one resource we can never get back. The principle of Relativity dictates that the faster we go, the more of the future we get to see. It's physics' closest analogue to time travel.

    We believe that we should take on the hard instead of the easy. Some things are worth doing even if there is a high chance of failure. Besides building a company, we have the chance to set an example. We can inspire others to reach their full potential by choosing to be on the path of highest long term value to humanity, regardless of the challenges ahead.

    We believe that we can build near and long term value simultaneously. By practicing foresight and creativity, we can achieve progress on not only present, but also future goals.

    We are a team of iconoclasts. We strive to push limits through opportunistic thinking and bravery in challenging the status quo. Meritocracy means the best idea and execution wins regardless of title. Yet, we are humble in both our accomplishments and our respect for the path still before us.

    We aspire to be direct with communication. We stimulate dialogue spoken with candor and received with active listening. We have a strong focus on documentation so that knowledge is built, retained and improved upon.

    We are interdisciplinary. Respect of others is shown through embracing diversity and seeking to learn about all areas of work and knowledge. We recognize we must uphold interdependent success if we are to be a truly revolutionary team.

    As individuals, we try to embody unusual talent. This is shown through exceptionally pronounced technical abilities, killer intuition, self- reliance, and holistic thinking. We also realize we cannot be static--we are uniformly driven by our quest for knowledge and self-improvement through learning.

    We maintain high integrity. In our hyper-connected world empathy is increasingly scarce. Kindness, honestly, and
    authenticity often lose out to speed and ego.

    Ultimately, we embrace the absurd. Growing an ambitious startup is crazy. We are open-minded, curious, and self-reflective, and we use these traits as tools to provide calmness and inner peace during times of intensity bordering on the absurd.

    Tech stack

    Python, Matlab, C, C++, bash, Fortran, Kubernetes, LabView, git, Jira, Confluence


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    Relativity Space - Company Photo
    Relativity Space - Company Photo
    Relativity Space - Company Photo
    Relativity Space - Company Photo
    Relativity Space - Company Photo