Every person deserves free, powerful learning tools – our mission is to build them. Over a million students and teachers use Quizlet every day in every country, and we’re just getting started.

Founded 2007
51-200 employees
  • Education
  • Headquarters address
    501 2nd St #500, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA
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    Our mission

    Every person on earth deserves access to free, powerful, and inspiring learning tools - and our mission is to build them.

    Quizlet’s free study tools and apps are used by over a million students and teachers a day in every country – from grade school to grad school, language learners to vocational students, at home and in the classroom.

    To make sure Quizlet is free and accessible to all, we’ve funded our growth from revenue so we’re not beholden to investors who need us to charge high prices or sell out. That’s pretty different from most software companies.

    And to stay inspired and focused on what really works, we’ve built our team around students and people who are passionate about education. Quizlet started in 2005 when 15-year-old Andrew Sutherland created it for a high-school French class. He built Quizlet for himself, shared it with his friends, and it grew from there. Since then much of Quizlet’s code has been written by students who are still in school, including many college (and even high school) student interns who use Quizlet in their own studies.

    We build tools everyone can use

    Today, Quizlet is a worldwide educational utility, with tools enabling anyone to study whatever they want. Our users define what they need to learn (or teach), and how they want to do it. We help art history majors study paintings, spanish students learn their verbs, and seventh graders learn biology. To date, our users have created almost 200 million study sets, spanning every imaginable subject. We build the study tools, and they provide the curriculum.

    People use Quizlet in every imaginable setting – public and private schools, religious schools, charter schools, prestigious universities, and even one room schoolhouses. Students and teachers themselves, rather than schools, are our customers, so we focus on building basic learning capabilities for individuals, rather than management tools or assessment software for institutions.

    We’re just getting started

    A hundred million people have already used Quizlet, but we’re really just getting started.

    Replacing paper learning tools is a good start, but our larger goal is developing software that enables students to learn and teachers to teach in ways never previously imagined.

    Our ambitious roadmap includes enhancing Quizlet with everything from tools for specific domains (e.g. verb conjugators and reference dictionaries) to interactive experiences (e.g. multiplayer sentence writing games) to integration with external content and courses. We’re not just looking to make learning faster or more convenient, but to make it more challenging, stimulate critical thinking and help people learn from one another.

    Our Engineering Interview Process

    We look forward to guiding you through the interview process! Each step will progress pending positive feedback from previous steps. Additional steps can occur if more data points are needed for any reason.

    Typical timeline: 2 weeks but we can move even faster if needed.

    1.) A 20-30 min. introductory call with a Recruiter or Engineering Manager.
    2.) A 60 min. technical online interview via Skype or Google Hangouts
    3.) A day of onsite interviews (~5.5 hours, w/ a team lunch)
    4.) References (2 peers, 1 manager/mentor)
    5.) Offer

    Tech stack

    MySQL, Elasticsearch, SmartOS, Puppet, Redis, Memcached, Riak, PHP, React, Python, Ruby, Java/Scala


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