Quick.ly, Inc.

At Quick.ly, we're building the next gen mobile search -- hyper local, hyper personalized, and visually engaging for consumers.

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
  • Consumer Mobile
  • Headquarters address
    130 West Union Street, Pasadena, CA 91103, USA

    Way back in 1998 in Web 1.0 days, a team/company emerged from Idealab with the wole purpose of making web search better. The observation was that if you wanted to buy a product or a service, it was in your interest in 'junking up' the search results to get seen (the original black-hat SEO). Why not let people wanting to sell something actually pay for the users (on a per click basis) , wirintg their own search listing. So goto.com (Overture) was launched, the $8B paid search industry was created, and Google found how to monetize in order to pay for their autonomous vehicles.

    Fast forward 14 years -- and the world has migrated to a mobile-centric view of the world, including search. So how are we going to make the world safe for mobile search -- quick.ly. The founders and core team of Overture have come back together to transform mobile search -- we brought the band back together.

    Coming out of Idealab (again), quick.ly is looking for folks to ride the wave again -- building cool product and growing really 'quickly' (it's hard not to use the word). Come be a part of the thriving LA tech scene, in a cool space in Old Pasadena (where you can actually walk around and have fun).

    Tech stack

    ElasticSearch, Java, PHP, iOS & Android dev, Hadoop, Reddis


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    401k plan

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