Our vision is to build a world class sport technology company. Our first product, PUSH Band, is the first wearable on the market that can objectively analyze weight training for athletes.

Founded 2013
1-15 employees
  • Sports
  • Headquarters address
    101 College Street, Toronto, ON M5G 1L7, Canada

    Engineering. Sport Science. Design. Three things that don't often come together managed to find a way to get along (and surprisingly work well together) to create PUSH.

    The field of sport technology is finally making its way from research labs and Olympic training sites to the everyday athlete. We started with Garmin GPS watches few years ago and now PUSH is on the scene, helping transform the gym in an equally important way. Whether you're LeBron James or a high school athlete in CA, you're faced with very similar questions when you train:

    • Am I training hard enough?
    • Am I training too much?
    • Is my program right for me TODAY?

    Those questions are tough to answer when all you have to rely on is your gut. PUSH was developed to help objectively measure your performance in the gym and based on your performance, give you the right feedback about where to go next. PUSH counts your reps, tells you when to go up or down in weight and when to take a break. This has never been possible before PUSH came to the scene.

    We've focussed our efforts over the past 3 years on the pro market and we're proud of what we've accomplished, PUSH is a leading contender in the pro market and is in active used by over 25 pro teams including the Detroit Lions, Dallas Stars, Portland Trailblazers, St Louis Cardinals and others.

    If you're a fan of sport, training, and being fit. Join us.

    Tech stack

    AngularJS, iOS, Android, Couchbase