The very essence of Phantom is to shape shift - to adapt and evolve, collaborating across projects that challenge and inspire us.

Founded 2013
51-200 employees
  • Hardware, Internet of Things, & Electronics
  • TV, Music, Film, & Theater
  • Digital Communication
  • Headquarters address
    111 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3BW
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    Our Story

    Phantom is a creative and technology company founded in 2013. We collaborate closely with partners including Google, Sony, FT, Deepmind, Zendesk and Nando's to deliver innovative products and experiences to a global audience. Please visit to see case studies of our latest work including a game for Rick Ross, an innovative AR experience for Google and the award winning Market Finder .

    Engineering is a core focus on what we do. At Phantom we encourage collaboration across all disciplines and we really love when our team is proactive and lead new initiatives. Everyone is encouraged to suggest improvements to how we work; sometimes improvements come from changing process and sometimes through internal projects such as:

    Jumbotron - a UI to control our big display screen in the office including scheduling.
    Lighthouse Dashboard - a dashboard of sites Lighthouse performance scores.
    Node Module Dashboard - a dashboard of node dependencies in our projects and if any are outdated/insecure.
    KSDL - a way to define CMS schemas in code & automatically generate serializers based on them.
    Jukebox - a jukebox which will play music based on the tastes of people currently in the office.

    A few pointers:

    • We are excited. We love what we do and our enthusiasm is always on show. We love that Phantoms don’t hold back and dive right into projects.

    • We are naturals. We value genuine talent above almost all else and tend not to get too stuck on years or credentials where it’s not important.

    • We care about each other. This means being resourceful, reliable and helpful to other Phantoms, as well as (of course) our clients and our users. We are genuinely all friends and like to spend time together.

    • We are driven. It’s instantly obvious that this isn’t just a job to us. We all equally want Phantom to prosper and all contribute to its success.

    • We value Innovative and creativity. Not just on the design team, but throughout the whole agency. Our brainstorms include everyone - we know anyone can come up with the best idea.

    • We are strategic and analytical. Attention to detail and having the ability and initiative to solve problems effectively is extremely important to us.

    • We’re proud. In no circumstance is there such thing as a bare minimum. We put our all into everything we do.

    • We have fun. Phantom is a really fun and social place to work. We make sure benefits of our success go back into the the team.

    Hiring Process for Engineers:

    Stage 1: Telephone interview with the Talent Lead (30 - 60 minutes)
    Stage 2: Face to Face interview in the Phantom office
    Stage 3: Small Project to complete in own time (should take approximately up to 4 hours)
    Stage 4: Technical interview with team (1 hour)

    Tech stack

    ES6, Angular, Python, Flask, Django, Node, THREE.js, AppEngine, React, AngularJS, TypeScript


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