PassFort Limited

At PassFort, we share a powerful vision to enable businesses & individuals to establish trust online.

Founded 2015
16-50 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    11 Princelet Street London E1 6QH


    At PassFort, we share a powerful vision to enable businesses & individuals to establish trust online. We’re connecting the human concept of trust with the transformative technology of the internet.

    Have you opened a bank account recently from the comfort of your home? With nothing more than a few clicks and pics? We’re the technology in the background enabling our regulated clients to onboard customers digitally and efficiently. We’re focussed on translating complex compliance policies into an easy to use operating system that helps to automate workflows, integrate with data vendors, and provide a range of tools for case management and reporting.

    It’s an exciting time to join the team as the product builds in complexity, and will challenge you to think about how best to help us scale in line with the wider PassFort vision.

    Engineering Culture & Values

    Our Values are simple yet powerful and can be seen and felt day-to-day in how we like to work:


    • Ownership
      Once a piece of work is groomed and scoped, you will be given complete ownership in deciding how to break this down and deliver it. We know we can rely on you to get stuff done.

    • Flexibility
      We work flexibly to allow people a great work-life balance, so you’ll be empowered to set your own rhythm and bring your best self to work.


    • Working together without hierarchy
      We empower everyone to share their ideas and opinions to come up with the best solution to achieve our goals, together.

    • End-to-end ownership
      You’ll get experience across the whole product, and own implementation across design, delivery and deployment. You’ll be empowered to make decisions to drive PassFort forward and have a real impact.


    • There’s no such thing as a silly question
      It’s how we learn and improve, and we’re all absolutely happy to help other team members when needed.

    • Continuously improving
      We regularly reflect on our progress and we’re always looking for ways to improve, from the technologies we use to our own skills.

    • Personal development
      You’ll have the support you need to invest in your development to enable you to be great in your role (you’ll be encouraged to get involved in projects across the stack!), and also work towards your long term career goals.

    Tech advantages

    We work with modern cutting edge tech-centered on Rust, Python, and React.

    • We’re one of the few companies using Rust commercially - it allows us to build and deploy powerful, scalable and quick solutions to our customers.
    • We’re very flexible when it comes to adopting new technologies and techniques. We listen to our team and implement tools they decide are best to complete the projects they are leading.
    • Our microservice architecture adds to this - allowing for the right tools to be used for the right things. We’re building for the future.
    • Overall, we love our tech stack as it means spending less time fixing issues and more time solving exciting new challenges.

    This is what you will be working on in 2019

    • Building a platform that can scale to many millions of requests per day, with over 3.5 “nines” of uptime.
    • Building tools for configuration and delivery which will allow PassFort to scale to hundreds of customers and tens of millions in revenue.
    • Helping compliance teams collaborate on cases more effectively so they can quickly make better decisions.
    • Streamlining our customers’ communication with their customers to reduce hurdles for the end users.
    • Building out our reporting infrastructure to support our clients in making data-driven decisions over hundreds of millions of data points.
    • Designing an integration framework which will allow our clients to integrate global data into their decision-making process at scale.

    A day-in-a-life of an Engineer at PassFort

    We have a great central location and are a quick walk away through a haven of fantastic markets/restaurants/cafes - ready to lure you back at lunchtime.

    We come together as a team for a daily morning stand-up. It’s a chance for everyone to share their progress on various projects they are working on so everyone’s in the loop, we can track how we’re going against our goals and get ahead of any challenges.

    We might kick off grooming of a new feature - we work closely with our Product & Design teams to ensure we understand why a new feature will be valuable to customers, and collaborate on how best we can meet their needs.

    You can take your lunch break whenever you feel like - we’re flexible! It’s a great chance to get away from your desk. Perhaps you’ll take on our ping-pong champion? Or, challenge your next willing opponent at FIFA? Perhaps, you’ll start your own leaderboard with your favourite game.

    We’ll continue working on projects across the day. We love having a lot of ownership and autonomy with our work, but everyone gets involved in code reviews and pitching in if someone gets stuck.

    Finally, your day might be finished with releasing a new feature! Continuous deployment is something we are really proud of as it allows us to release great new features to our customers quicker.

    Meet your future team

    Michael - he uses a blank keyboard because he’s too cool for symbols.
    Angela can start dancing on her chair when she’s really concentrating, we wonder what awesome beat is playing in her head?
    Diggsey likes looking for the spiciest snacks he can find, like beef jerky with Carolina Reaper chili.
    Richard can fly a plane!
    Andreea loves but is renowned for being clueless around animals - a happy wag of a tail sets her mind in overdrive - is it a request for pats or are they plotting to take over the world?

    Our recruitment process

    Our recruitment process varies per role, however, in general, these are the stages you would go through:

    • A telephone interview to dive into your experience and give you insight into PassFort and what we do in more detail.
    • A take-home task designed to test your technical knowledge and expertise.
    • A final face to face interview which offers the chance to see our office and meet more of the wider team. We’ll get a bit more technical, and go over the task you completed at home! This is also a chance for us to see how you would fit with our culture and values, and vice versa for you to ask questions and see if you would enjoy being with us.

    Tech stack

    Python, Javascript (ES6), Rust, React, PostgresSQL, Kubernetes, Docker


    Compensation and retirement

    Pay is one factor that allows us to reward and recognise you for your impact, growth and how you live PassFort’s values. We have chosen to pay at or above the average market rate, and we undertake extensive benchmarking of every role in the business to achieve this.
    Stock Options
    Pension plan

    Vacation and time off

    We think you're the best judge of when you might need some time away from the office to reset and recharge, so you can always bring your best self to work. Therefore we offer unlimited unpaid leave that can be used after your annual leave allowance runs out as well as other perks on top of it.
    Unlimited time off
    Paid holidays
    Flexible working hours
    Work from home flexibility
    Maternity benefits
    Paternity benefits

    Personal development

    We offer an annual learning and development budget so you can work towards personal and professional goals. We will support your development in many ways, providing you with coaching, monthly books and ongoing personal development plans.
    Management training
    Job training
    Conferences reimbursement

    Values and quality of life

    Our Values are simple yet powerful: Trust - We know we can rely on you to get stuff done. - Set your own rhythm and bring your best self to work. Empowerment - Work with us without hierarchy. - Make decisions that have a real impact. Growth - We are dedicated to supporting your development
    Accessible via public transportation
    Employee groups and committees
    Snacks and beverages
    Company activities
    Games and recreation
    Pet-friendly workplace
    Employee discount programs
    PassFort Limited - Company Photo
    PassFort Limited - Company Photo
    PassFort Limited - Company Photo
    PassFort Limited - Company Photo
    PassFort Limited - Company Photo
    PassFort Limited - Company Photo
    PassFort Limited - Company Photo
    PassFort Limited - Company Photo
    PassFort Limited - Company Photo