Opas AI

Smart Alerting with automated root cause and triaging

Founded 2017
1-15 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    465 Fairchild Drive Ste Mountain View

    Opas AI wants to lead the way to a world where complex applications run by itself. Operating an application today requires orchestration, provisioning, scaling, diagnosis, and remediation. A lot of work has gone into automating various aspects of infrastructure operations. However the diagnosis and remediation remain the hardest and painfully manual task and without automating these two, an application will always require engineers to manage.

    Using big data and deep learning network Opas AI is automating diagnosis and remediation. Opas AI in real time identifies the true source of the issue and takes the precise corrective action, enabling a business to achieve an application on auto-pilot.

    We are backed by a reputable VC firm and senior advisors/angel investors. We are looking for founding engineers to build the company together. Expect very good compensation, equity and all the excitement of being part of the founding team of going to be the leader in this space.


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