Onzo Ltd

ONZO enables utilities to undertake the digital transformation of their customers.

Founded 2007
16-50 employees
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Headquarters address
    Capital House, 25 Chapel St, Marylebone, London NW1 5DT, UK

    Here are some examples of pretty weird stuff we are doing with our customers :

    • Helping a Spanish utility company identify which of its customers has Electric Vehicles, and of those customers, which of them is using a low power charger (i.e. think three pin plug) and which of them is using a high power charger. Why? The utility wants to cross sell a high power charger, but it didn’t know who had an electric vehicle, let along a low or high power charger. With ONZO’s machine learning analytics, we can tell the utility which customers are the right ones to target (remember the old marketing phrase – right message, right time, right channel…)

    • A USA based utility wants to have better control of its peak electricity load and wants to be able to control the electricity used for household heating, by being able to remotely switch off a households electric heating at peak times. In return, the customers get half priced electricity for heating (in the knowledge that at peak times, the power might get cut). How does the utility know which customers to target for such an offer, and which customers are using electricity for heating. Answer – ONZO analytics.

    How we we do this?

    In a nutshell :

    • Take a really thin stream of smart meter / sensor data from thousands and thousands of households
    • Turn the data into a canonical form
    • Apply some analytics, machine learning and neural networking
    • Result : A unique household profile, telling us what your household does with power!

    We deliver this information back, via an API which is consumed by our own front end applications, or by applications that our customers write.

    As a side effect of all this processing, we do have a honking great AWS bill, buts that is another story.

    Company profile

    ONZO is a global leader in consumer energy data and analytics. ONZO combines the science of energy analytics with disaggregation, lifestyle behaviour analysis and probabilistic forecasting to give utilities and their customers unprecedented insights into how, where and when energy is used. Leveraging granular smart meter data, ONZO’s patented algorithms result in richer, highly accurate, customer-specific insights with actionable outcomes that help utilities improve customer engagement and energy efficiency, while reducing churn and creating new revenue opportunities.

    We deliver a SaaS platform for Data Analytics Solution for the utility industry

    • ONZO enables utilities around the world to undertake the Digital Transformation of their customer relationships.
    • As part of this, utilities want to use Data Analytics to understand their residential customers and to influence their behaviour. This enables them to meet some of the key challenges the industry faces
    • ONZO’s software gives utilities the ability to address these challenges with a world class SaaS solution that is easy to deploy, has clear business benefits and has a compelling return on investment.

    We have a world class SaaS solution utilising the latest technology

    • AWS based platform incorporating Advanced Data Analytics and Machine Learning using TensorFlow
    • Significant barriers to entry for competitors: A thicket of 12 patents around the technology, 3rd party (EPRI) and utility customer technology validation, well invested data analytics cloud based scalable platform, some of the cleverest data scientists around and based in the centre of London – known to be the best location for data science and analytical skills globally
    • End-to-end cloud platform incorporating: a Big Data Hub, Advanced Data Analytics Engine and an API based data delivery service that allows utilities to render our customer Insights and engage with their customers in ways that suit their business

    We have demonstrable use cases for the technology

    • Clear customer use cases for our software in some highly investable areas in their own right including: Demand Response, Distributed Generation, Tariff Optimisation, Data Monetisation, Internet of Things (IoT) and Digitalisation of Customer Relationships
    • Compelling technology that utility residential customers like and engage frequently with
    • Empowers utilities to innovate and improve their customer relationship
    • Is proving to be a valuable asset to IoT manufactures looking to differentiate their products and enhance their customer’s user experience through incorporation of ONZO’s analytics capability

    Being in the team at ONZO

    We believe in nurturing a relaxed physical and intellectual environment that encourages innovation. We positively encourage people to participate in the development process by contributing their ideas and experience, helping us improve both our products and the way we build them.

    Core programming languages and frameworks / libraries include Scala, Akka, Python, Vue.JS. Our entire stack runs on Amazon Web Services, utilising features such as EC2, DynamoDb, Elasticache, S3, Data pipelines, Route 53 etc. For machine learning, we are using Google’s TensorFlow library.

    All Engineers get high spec Apple Macbooks and one or more large screens.

    Our Benefits

    • 25 days holiday
    • Contributory pension
    • Stock options
    • Fresh fruit
    • Great coffee with a wide range of blends available
    • A spectacular view from the 16th floor of our building – perhaps the best view in the West of London. We are a 6 minute walk from Paddington station and a 10 second walk from Edgware Road tube station.

    Tech stack

    Scala, python, AWS, Dynamodb, MySQL, Docker, Vue.JS


    Compensation and retirement

    Pension plan