octavius labs

We are building a portfolio of SaaS products that are real self-sustaining businesses.

  • Founded 2014
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers

About octavius labs

The Problem is...

Businesses fail because they run out of cash, yet many companies are still founded without thinking about how, or if, the business will make money. These types of companies push forward in hope of getting acquired but this strategy isn’t sustainable. Businesses are not lottery tickets.


At octavius we build SaaS products and assemble teams to support the products as they grow. We are more interested in building sustainable businesses. We incubate ideas that can generate cash from day one, and our process of systematically approaching product development allows us to better understand risk. Once we have an accurate understanding of a market, products that have the best opportunity to succeed are spun out into their own companies to grow.

About Us

octavius labs came together because the partners believe that since VC's are focused on +$1b markets there is a limit to the types of companies that get created and funded.

Our mission is to build our buy products that provide real value to customers regardless of market size. The partners are successful founders --bootstrapped to profitability and been part of multiple acquisitions.

We are a talent driven organization that believes when you get remarkable people together amazing things happen. In addition to doing our own products, we partner with companies who are looking to develop products. These partners see us as an R&D firm.

The partners of octavius are founders who have bootstrapped to sustainability or sold businesses in the marketing tech space.
We are currently based in a beautifully restored brick warehouse located in El Segundo’s just south of LAX.

We work in a beautifully restored warehouse.
octavius labs - We work in a beautifully restored warehouse.
octavius labs -
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Tech Stack
  • Rails
  • Ember
  • Node
  • Heroku AWS
  • Divshot

  • Flexible schedule
  • chance to work on multiple projects