Ocado Technology

To innovate and grow into an international platform creator.

Founded 2000
501-1000 employees
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    Trident Place Building 2, Hatfield Business Park, Mosquito Way, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9UL

    At Ocado Technology we develop and maintains the cutting edge software powering Ocado, -the world's largest online-only grocery retailer. Their simple processes are driven by an incredibly complex network of huge automated warehouses (CFCs), routing systems, forecasting, award-winning apps and more – all designed in-house here at Ocado Technology.

    Customers place their orders online, and then Ocado pick and pack them in huge automated warehouses – the largest of their kind in the world – before delivering to customers’ kitchen tables within one hour time slots.

    Ocado currently operates in the UK, reaching over 72% of British households and shipping over 200,000 orders a week. Ocado Technology’s job is to make the process as convenient and efficient as possible, and that’s delivered by a huge amount of complexity under the surface.

    Almost all of our technology is built in-house, and our technology estate is both very broad and very deep, including everything from real-time control systems to robotics and machine learning. Not surprisingly then, we see innovation as the key to our success. We’ve got a number of exciting projects bubbling away in secret, so now’s a great time to join us!

    The skills we employ are as broad as the technology we develop; Java, Scala (sometimes with Akka), AWS, Google platforms, Docker, Android and iOS just to mention a few. Teams use the agile methodologies that suit them best, from Kanban to Scrum to TDD. If you’re talented and innovative, we’ve got space for you.
    Innovating right now

    We are now entering a very exciting phase in our development. Over the last few years, we have been designing and implementing the cutting edge software and hardware underpinning the Ocado Smart Platform - our end-to-end solution designed to power all aspects of an online retail business.

    Having closed multiple deals with international retailers, we are currently in a phase of construction and development, making our big ideas a reality.
    The platform covers everything from the website to sales forecasting – including our new modular and scalable hardware platform for building highly automated CFCs.

    We opened our fourth development centre in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2016. Our other development centres are in Hatfield, UK, Kraków and Wrocław, Poland – and we have since opened one in Barcelona, Spain too!

    Tech stack

    Java, Scala, Akka, iOS, Android, AWS, Docker, Python, Postgres, Javascript, Cassandra, Play, AngularJS, NodeJS, C, C++, Backbone, Spring, React, Jenkins


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    Ocado Technology - Company Photo
    Ocado Technology - Company Photo
    Ocado Technology - Company Photo
    Ocado Technology - Company Photo
    Ocado Technology - Company Photo
    Ocado Technology - Company Photo