Nulogy Corporation

Our software connects the supply chains of the world’s most loved brands

Founded 2002
201-500 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    480 University Avenue, Suite 1200, Toronto Ontario
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    About us

    Nulogy is a true Canadian success story. Our story started 15 years ago at the University of Waterloo. Now, our software connects the supply chains of the world’s most loved brands. We are a world-leading provider of specialized solutions for complex supply-chain challenges.

    The growing complexity of supply chains is bringing about challenges in the industry that traditional technology and solutions simply cannot keep up with. We help automate and connect “smart factories” that are responsible for customizing the products that we all use and love in our homes.

    Our mission is to dramatically reduce waste in the production of consumer packaged goods.

    It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal

    Nulogy was founded by a group of four friends, who set out to build a long-lasting, notable company that people would be proud to be associated with whether as an employee, customer, or partner. This culture supersedes the desire to solve a particular problem. If we made a company that amazing people loved to work for then we could solve any problem that we tackled, no matter how difficult.

    Fifteen years later the four of us are still providing executive leadership to the company and are close friends. We see this as being rare, something to be proud of, and a testament to the focus we have put on consistently living by our cultural values.

    This informs our motto, "It's Not Just Business, It's Personal". We take customer and employee success personally. We put personal care into every touch we have with our clients. We also know that for our employees to be at their best, we need to listen to their individual needs and aspirations.

    How We Build Software

    We are pioneering new ways of working that reflect the uncommon intersection of passions for agile, UX, and enterprise SaaS.

    At Nulogy, you will build systems that allows production facilities to be more responsive and efficient in responding to the demands of the consumer market. This means your work will have incredible, long-lasting impact, but also means you must make tough choices in complex situations.

    Our product development team builds software that is on the forefront of change, creating solutions that have never been built before. Customers depend on a robust product—super reliable and always available—and that’s what we deliver. As a result, we are focused on quality, collaboration, and learning. In order to help you continually grow, we diffuse knowledge through pair programming, host regular hack days, and prioritize writing well tested, clean code.

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    Tech stack

    Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Redux, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, AWS, Git, Kibana, Elastic Search, Terraform., Experience with our tech stack is 'nice to have'. Our Development teams have diverse experience with a variety of development languages.


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