Myra Labs

A brilliant AI assistant for every customer. Myra Labs builds conversational AI tools that enable customers to interact with businesses and services easier, better and faster.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
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    San Francisco, CA

    Build frontier technology, drive real results

    Myra Labs builds conversational AI tools that enable people to interact with businesses and services easier, better and faster.

    • Want to get that fee reversed? Make your claim and get an instant answer.
    • Not sure if a pharmacy has your prescription in stock? Text and ask.
    • An extra friend coming to dinner? Reply back to the reminder notification and add them to the reservation.

    We enable businesses and developers to easily deploy AI assistants and other services that drive real business results across customer service, sales, and marketing. This is a totally new area, and we are working through interesting and novel interaction models every day. It's a new and very challenging set of problems!

    State-of-the-art technology

    Our contextual state technology allows developers to have stateful and personalized conversations, and our deep learning models — straight out of research labs and running on GPUs — provide high natural language processing accuracy. Myra's core technology is based on recent advances in NLP research, with a stack that includes TensorFlow and Theano, and is written in Python and C++. We use serverless architectures and microservices to build scalable, composable systems that can talk to each other.

    Experienced team and mentorship

    We are an experienced team, with time spent at Google, Oracle, and BloomReach. We've raised a large seed round from the Slack Fund, Mike Maples, Jr. at Floodgate, Semil Shah at Haystack Ventures, and other angel investors.

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    Tech stack

    Python, Theano, TensorFlow, C++, Spark, Clojure, Javascript, Cython, AWS, GPU, NLP, GRPC, Bazel, Thrift, Kafka, Keras


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    Myra Labs - We are located at WeWork Golden Gate, a beautiful building minutes away from Muni and BART and in the heart of San Francisco.