MemVerge is an inventor of Memory-Converged Infrastructure (MCI)

Founded 2017
16-50 employees
Headquarters address
Milpitas, CA
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How We Started

In 2017, Intel released a new Optane SSD product. Under the cover of this new SSD was 3D XPoint, a new persistent memory media. In the history of computing, memory and storage have always been two different concepts. Persistent Memory promises to change that and can serve both as memory and as storage from a single media. With the Optane SSD available, we knew that the real game changer, the persistent memory DIMM, was not far away.

We decided, right at that moment, to start MemVerge. With every new hardware substrate, a new software stack will need to be developed to allow the applications to take full advantage of the new hardware. This is especially true for something as revolutionary as the persistent memory. We believe that the future of storage is memory. At MemVerge, our mission is to build a bridge to that future via software, offering seamless support to the existing applications. We are on our way…

Our Technology

MemVerge is delivering the world’s first Memory-Converged Infrastructure (MCI) system, built with proprietary Distributed Memory Objects (DMO) technology. DMO technology provides a logical convergence layer that harnesses Intel’s new Optane DC persistent memory to let data-centric workloads run flawlessly at memory speed. Offering large-scale memory and sub-microsecond response time, MemVerge does not require a change in the application programming model.

MemVerge solves a massive problem in the era of machine-generated data. Enterprises using DMO can now train AI models faster, analyze bigger datasets, complete more queries in less time and run complex workloads more predictably with fewer resources.

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Tech stack

C++, Go, C, Scala, Python, Distributed Systems, Storage, Networking, Big Data, Data Analysis, Machine Learning