Transforming healthcare through disruptive platform technologies

Founded 2014
16-50 employees
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    Palo Alto, CA, United States
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    Medable is transforming healthcare by providing innovative technologies to improve health and enable global collaboration to address chronic disease. Our platform allows large-scale patient-generated data to be collected, analyzed and leveraged for more effective healthcare delivery, more efficient clinical research, and more accurate precision and predictive medicine. Through our secure and compliant cloud platform and mobile and web solutions, we aim to help individuals, researchers, and clinicians identify real-world data to advance personalized medicine.

    We are an agile company, focused on continuous improvement and adjusting to market demands quickly and effectively. We are passionate about driving innovation and empowering consumers in a complex industry with massive inefficiencies and waste. We are proactive, collaborative, self-motivated learners, dedicated, bold, and tenacious. We are dedicated to leaving this world a healthier place.

    What We Value

    • Customer Success: We are curious about our customer’s perspective and are focused on addressing their pain points and removing barriers to their success.
    • Agile Approach: While we anticipate market needs, we also understand the variability and unpredictability of life and use proven, iterative processes to continually make ourselves and our products better.
    • Enthusiastic Teamwork: We recognize that we can only achieve success through collaborative working and empathy for each other.
    • Constant Innovation: We approach problems with a fresh perspective and look to challenge the status quo. Pure Passion: We are relentless in our desire to solve the most complex healthcare problems.
    • Focus on Excellence: We understand the difference between good and excellent, and strive to deliver exceptional value to our customers.
    • Accountable Behavior: We understand that our actions matter and always make good on our commitments.
    • Transparent Communication: We believe that open and direct communication creates honesty and trust across the organization.

    How We Live

    • Our health is important and allows us to be present
    • Having fun boosts our spirit and builds community
    • Showing respect for each other and embracing each other’s differences allows diverse thought and makes our collective impact stronger
    • Safety, privacy, security, and good development practices are fundamental to how we ensure the highest level of quality

    What About You?

    Do you want to be part of a team that is revolutionizing healthcare by using real-world data to advance discovery? Do you want to leverage your talents to help identify, treat, and cure disease? Do you see yourself playing an integral role in scaling our platform to transform the way healthcare is designed, delivered and experienced?

    Our vision is audacious, our time is limited, and our focus is intense. To be successful on our team, you need to be confident, proactive, and resourceful. You have to move quickly and have a desire to learn, but ultimately be committed to executing on our vision to change the world.

    If our story excites you and you are ready to apply your skills and talents, we would love to meet you. We want your curiosity, tenacity and resourcefulness to find solutions to complex problems and reimagine the future of healthcare and develop the tools to make it happen.

    Tech stack

    Node, MongoDB, Kubernetes, Docker, iOS, Android, React