We help patients and employers save money on healthcare by providing simple, up-front prices for health procedures, saving up to 60% of typical prices.

Founded 2012
51-200 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    100 Bush Street, Suite 1750, San Francisco, CA 94104

    The MDsave promise

    Buying healthcare is complicated, opaque, and expensive... but it shouldn't be. MDsave is changing that by helping patients and employers find better, more transparent prices for health care procedures, from every-day expenses like eye exams or flu shots to expensive surgeries. Instead of going to the doctor and waiting for a bill (or three!) to show up in the mail, MDsave allows patients to purchase a bundled medical procedure in advanced for a fixed price that includes everything they need (doctor's fees, lab expenses, etc.). These up-front fees can be 60% lower than normal rates and still count against the patient deductible on most insurance plans.

    Our services are already helping thousands of families save money, stretching their budgets further or allowing them to afford necessary medical procedures that would otherwise be out-of-reach because they are uninsured or on a high-deductible health plan.

    An unlikely partnership

    Disrupting the healthcare payments industry is complicated, and it requires expertise about technology and about how the healthcare system operates. To help us do this, we've assembled a team of healthcare veterans from Nashville, TN*, technology veterans from San Francisco, and partners who specialize in healthcare investments.

    * Nashville is home to many of the nation's largest healthcare finance companies. (They also have great music and barbecue.)

    Building for growth

    Since our founding in 2012, MDsave has built a network of hundreds of hospitals and sold over $1MM in medical procedures. We've recently hired a seasoned technology team in San Francisco to help us optimize and scale our operations, with product and design expertise from companies like Wired, CNET, Intel, Bebo, and Scribd. We're looking for other talented engineers and designers to join our team, helping us to re-design our consumer website and automate our hospital- and partner-facing pricing, payment, and accounting tools.

    Our team is high-performing and collaborative. Our most important requirement is that team members have the initiative to ask the right questions, refine requirements, and deliver quality results. We also take the time to enjoy each other's company and our city, with weekly team happy hours, lunches, and monthly trips to go sailing on the San Francisco bay.

    Tech stack

    AngularJS, PHP, Aptible, CircleCI


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    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
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    MDsave - Annual sales meeting in Nashville
    MDsave - We get out and enjoy the Bay whenever we can.
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