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    New Ventures—Innovating for Impact

    Our world is at an inflection point, with technology and data exponentially transforming our clients, our profession, and society at large. At New Ventures, we harness these disruptive forces to accelerate innovation for our clients and our firm.

    In everything we do, our approach reflects and reinforces McKinsey’s core values: adhering to the highest professional standards, bringing the best of our firm to every client, and significantly improving our clients’ performance. We integrate seamlessly with McKinsey’s 33 industry and functional practices to execute on four key priorities:

    Pioneer asset-based consulting
    We’ve built more than 85 solutions that combine technology, data, advanced analytics, and subject-matter expertise to help our clients address their most critical strategic priorities. These assets are helping us to deliver impact for our clients quicker than ever and to sustain it for the long term.

    Build consulting practices of the future
    We’re branching out beyond traditional practice areas such as strategy, organization, and operations to develop next-generation areas of expertise: the Internet of Things (IoT), Leadership Development, Megaprojects and Fast Growth Tech, to name a few.

    Expand our ecosystem of alliances
    We’re teaming up with leading technology providers to bring our clients best-in-class support on every aspect of large-scale transformations—from strategy and culture to architecture and coding.
    Evolve our talent model
    We’ve created an unrivaled environment for the exceptional people driving today’s innovation—including more than 1,700 designers, engineers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs.