Looop is an online performance and development platform for business. We are disrupting the L&D industry and will continue to drive positive change through the use of our methodology and tech.

  • Founded 2014
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Education

About Looop

Looop is an elegant and intuitive online performance and development platform for business. Looop makes it incredibly easy for you to create and curate engaging resources in just a few minutes, providing on-demand performance support and collaborative development experiences as your employees need them.

There is a massive change happening in Learning and Development at the moment and Looop is leading this change. We recognise Google and YouTube have changed the way we consume information, and that employees are bringing these consumption habits to work. The last time you needed to know how to do something at work, did you go to your company eLearning or intranet? I think not, you probably went to your trusted sources like peers, Stack Overflow or Google to help you get what you need to do what it is you want to. The problem with this is these sources lack context on how to do things the way your company wants you to do them. Looop enables this for business.

We are a small but highly skilled team, looking for an exceptional developer to join our team and enjoy the ride with us.

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Tech Stack
  • Full stack (front end & back end): front is AngularJS/LeSS and back is Node.js/Express/MySql

  • Work from anywhere
  • make a difference everyday in our small team doing big things