Effortless real-time collaborative presentations, for all of your colleagues across all your devices.

Founded 2010
1-15 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    San Francisco, CA, United States

    About Us

    Millions of people work on business documents every day. However, collaborating with multiple people on one documentcan get difficult -- it's often unclear who should be working on which part of the presentation. Emails fly back and forth as team members try to synchronize their changes to a presentation, and even worse than all of the grief and lost time, serious errors can occur when trying to compile presentation materials from different people. When it's time to share documents with external clients, the best way is often a screensharing tool like GoToMeeting or WebEx, which is overkill and overly complicated.

    LiveLoop is changing this with a product that has three unique characteristics:

    • LiveLoop is a single tool for both asynchronous collaboration (currently done with email) and synchronous meeting (currently done with screensharing)
    • LiveLoop is deeply integrated into the natural workflows that people use today, with extraordinarily deep integration into Microsoft Office
    • LiveLoop aims to bring some humanity to software that currently is characterized by excessively complex and heavyweight tools that do not respect users' time or sanity

    We are looking for talented Web and mobile developers to join our team.

    Tech stack

    Python, Microsoft .NET


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