Lend Street Financial, Inc.

We are a lending platform that helps consumers restructure their debt. Our mission is to help distressed and underserved consumer clients break free from debt.

Founded 2010
16-50 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    610 16th Street, Suite M14, Oakland, CA 94612, USA

    Jerry Nemorin, founder and CEO of LendStreet, learned about financial distress at an early age as he watched his Haitian-born parents create a life here in the United States. His passion to help those who have had a financial setback led the former Wall Street banker to launch LendStreet, a financial technology company that offers services to help consumers restructure their debt and get back on their feet.

    The idea for LendStreet came when Jerry, who at the time was working on Wall Street, helped a broadcasting company buy back their own debt. He began to think how he could leverage a similar concept. A bigger push to create a startup came months after the world watched an earthquake destroy his native home, Haiti. Nemorin traveled to Haiti soon after, witnessing the resilience of the people in his homeland to rebuild at such a devastating time. Months later he left Wall Street and enrolled in a summer program, Darden School’s i.Lab Incubator, to begin developing LendStreet.

    Americans are struggling with debt. LendStreet is a lender that works with consumers who are experiencing financial difficulties. These are people who have taken on too much debt and find themselves in a hole, unable to pay it all back. But rather than declaring bankruptcy, these people want to work things out and reduce their debt through a debt settlement. For most consumers, it is going to take many years to dig themselves out of the traditional debt settlement model. The debt settlement company will settle the debt one at a time as the escrow account builds up. That can take a long time and during this time their credit score will suffer as the accounts that are yet to settle are marked as delinquent.

    LendStreet provides much quicker relief. It makes a new loan to the consumer that will cover the entirety of the settlement amount and the settlement fees. The debt settlement company settles with all the original creditors, and the consumer gets a fresh start with one monthly payment to LendStreet. The typical LendStreet customer will see a rebound in their credit score of around 80 points within 12 months (100 points within 18 months) of taking out a LendStreet loan.

    Tech stack

    Ruby on Rails 5.x, Postgres, Docker/Elastic, Fargate, AWS Lambda, and RSpec.


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