LegalShield gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any personal legal matter without high hourly costs. Our mission is to deliver exceptional products that promote peace of mind & confidence.

Founded 1972
501-1000 employees
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    Ada, OK

    What we do

    LegalShield's mission is to provide access to equal legal services. By having a law firm on your side, you're prepared for life adventures (like starting a new business. buying a home, or preparing a well) and protected from life's curveballs (like traffic tickets, being sued, or righting a wrong).

    Our Core Values

    We set ambitious goals and work hard to achieve them
    We build each other to build ourselves
    We engage in constructive conflict and agree on final decisions
    We focus on company success above personal ambition
    We work collaboratively to leverage each others strengths and overcome weaknesses
    We know mistakes are lessons to be learned

    The offer

    Full Stack Lead, well versed in modular DRY philosophies, data- and test-driven development, and clean design as much as clean code. The ideal candidate will work side-by-side with product (and design) every day to build innovative functionality and solutions. You will help design our creative and collaborative processes, employing a best practices approach to building a unified solution. This is an amazing opportunity to grow your own team.

    What we’d like to see:

    • 5+ years experience & proficiency in a full stack combination of the following:

      • Backend: Spring MVC, Rails, Django, Express
      • Frontend: AngularJS, React, Backbone, SpineJS, VanillaJS
      • Data Modeling: Hibernate, ActiveModel (ActiveRecord or similar), Django, Mongoose, Sequelize
      • Database: SQL (mysql, postgres, db2), MongoDB, Redis, Rabbit, ElasticSearch
    • Strong TDD advocate (integration & unit, "outside in")

    • Experience working at scale

    • Comfortable working in a production environment

    • Looking for performance culture

    • Passionate about usability, aesthetics, mobile and usability testing

    • Strong perspective on automated testing

    • Appreciation for minimalist, elegant, testable software

    Someone currently in a leadership position, ultimately looking to be a founder/VP of Engineering/technical leader

    Tech stack

    Java, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Ruby, Rails, NodeJS, Express, RPG, Drupal, Angular1&2, JavaScript, Android SDK, Objective-C, Swift, DB2SQL, MongoDB, Redis, Rabbit, PostgreSQL


    Compensation and retirement


    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance
    Life insurance
    Disability insurance
    LegalShield - The NYC office is in the heart of Little Italy in Lower Manhattan.