Leanplum is reinventing marketing for the mobile world. We empower PMs and marketers to increase engagement with personalized messaging and user experience optimization - all without coding.

  • Founded 2012
  • 16-50 Employees
  • 6-15 Engineers
  • Enterprise Software

About Leanplum

The Leanplum Story

Our founders Momchil and Andrew worked together at Google optimizing video ads. The two of them ran hundreds of A/B tests but soon realized that there’s no good way to do that on mobile. They joined TechStars in 2012 and turned their passion for A/B testing into a SaaS company. In 2015, Leanplum raised their Series B financing led by Kleiner Perkins.

Why Work at Leanplum

As a startup, we move incredibly fast. This comes from our culture - execution is the most valued quality, and it's the main advantage a startup has from a big company. We don't have bureaucracy or lengthy approval processes, and we deploy to production several times per day. We are driven to make the company succeed rather than advancing our own personal interests, so we are fully transparent and don't tolerate politics.

There's a saying that at a big company, other people there limit what you can do, but at Leanplum, the only person stopping you is yourself. With a small number of people, each person has a large stake in the company, and with that, a lot of responsibility. One person can own an entire piece of our tech stack.

Challenging Problems Across the Stack

Sure, there are many hot consumer companies to work for. But at each company, you are getting exposed to a limited number of problems within one specific vertical. At Leanplum, a company like Expedia is just one customer. We also have Tesco, Ola Cabs, Stumbleupon, and the list goes on. This is true data at scale, and the ultimate challenge is to find patterns and solve problems for many different companies in many different spaces.

Within each component of our tech stack, there are unique challenges. Our backend must scale and accommodate rapid, flexible querying over massive datasets in seconds. We think about big problems like parallelism, concurrency, performance, caching, and machine learning. All of this infrastructure has to be reliable and cost-effective.

Our frontend is a single-page web app that needs to distill all of this data into something that's usable by a non-technical person, while empowering them with the ability to automate the messaging of millions of users in just a few clicks. We are creating new ways for marketing people to manipulate their mobile apps, like changing the UI in realtime without resubmitting to the App Store. This means creating new design patterns that seem natural to the user.

On mobile, our SDKs need to work with any way people can create an app, on any platform. You'll gain experience creating the most robust, clever, and fault-tolerant code that exists on mobile. We've also developed innovative ways of testing SDK changes across many applications without any risk to the end user.

A Huge Market

The marketing automation space for desktop is a $22 billion industry. Last year, the usage of mobile apps surpassed that of mobile and desktop web combined, and it's continuing to increase. Mobile is not just phones, it's all of the devices you interact with every day, wherever you are. It's the most personal device, the device that knows you are, in some ways more than most of your friends do. This is a massive opportunity to harness this information and enable brands to communicate with their users in ways they have never dreamt of before.

Our World-Class Team

We're pretty humble at Leanplum, but we don't come from humble roots. We have six ex-Googlers, an ex-VC, several medalists at international programming competitions, and even an internationally renowned air guitarist. Knowing that we all give it 110%, we keep the positive energy flowing in the office. As our VP of Sales puts it, it's all about karma!

Celebrating Ed, Shawn, and Petar's 1 year anniversary at Leanplum.
Leanplum - Celebrating Ed, Shawn, and Petar's 1 year anniversary at Leanplum.
The office
Leanplum - The office
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Tech Stack
  • Python
  • Java
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Spark
  • ES6
  • Angular
  • Sass
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Unity

  • Flexible vacation
  • Free food
  • Gym membership
  • Great working environment and location
  • Team outings
  • Referral bonus program

  • Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance
  • Retirement/401K Plan Retirement/401K Plan
  • Catered lunch Catered lunch