Le Wagon

Le Wagon is the leading dev bootcamp in Europe. Our mission is to bring technical skills to creative people.

About Le Wagon

Le Wagon is Europe's leading coding school for entrepreneurs and creative people. Described by TechCrunch as "quietly becoming a major coding bootcamp in Europe". Having launched with just €1,000 and no external investment, they’re present in 12 cities, teaching talented students to build tech products with great results and impressive success stories.

Founded by Parisian brothers, Romain (COO) and Boris Paillard (CEO) and Sebastien Saunier (CTO), Le Wagon offers just one programme which has been iterated and improved over 36 batches and 720+ alumni: an extremely focused 9 week, full stack coding bootcamp.

Le Wagon is different from the rest. Its high tempo, very challenging syllabus, coupled with extremely qualified teachers and a daily performance based algorithm, produces incredible results. It may be tough going, but Le Wagon has the highest ranked position on course report.

Sebastien graduated from France’s top engineering school. He’s a software engineer with more than 7 years experience. He worked at Google & VirtuOz, and now teaches all you need to know about web programming and the technical workflow used in a startup.

After engineering school, Boris worked for 3 years in financial markets building HSBC’s backend software for traders. Co-founding Le Wagon as CEO, he’s been teaching frontend, web-design and Rails for 4 years and gives frequent talks on technical entrepreneurship in major business & engineering schools.

Together, the founders have built an extremely watertight syllabus that continues to improve by the day. With the very high quality of their students, they’re naturally building the best coding programme for entrepreneurs.

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