We’re reinventing the way people buy and sell used cars from the ground up!

Founded 2016
51-200 employees
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Headquarters address
    12 Goldthorne Ave, Etobicoke

    What We’re Creating:

    Buying and selling a used car brings to mind paperwork, pushy salesman, price haggling, it’s all terrible and we won’t stand for it!

    At Clutch, customer experience comes first! From technology to test drives, Clutch is built on trust, transparency, and convenience. We’re making buying a car awesome. Statistically, a vehicle is the second largest item someone will purchase in their lifetime – we want that to be as special for them, as it is for us.

    Clutch Core Values:

    Trust | Transparency | Convenience

    Our Engineering Values

    Use technology to solve a physical world problem
    Iterate, experiment, learn
    Agile software development guides our team
    Continuous integration with automated test suites makes for excellent software
    A strong culture allows people to be independent and autonomous
    Engineers own their impact
    Prioritize helping others
    Continually leave code better than you have found it
    Engineers should talk to customers


    Beautiful working area - Brightlane co-working space - 545 King St. West
    Funded - raised a seed round of 1.5 million dollars
    Expertise - backed by industry experts who know there is a better way

    Join Us

    The team is our most important asset. We are looking for problem solvers first. Let’s talk about your past projects, what you like and didn’t like and then let us see if we could build together!

    Our Interview Process:

    First-round - On the phone or in our office if possible. We would like to discuss:
    - our story and our vision
    - your past work and the areas you want to get into
    - discuss the roles we are hiring for

    Second round - programming exercise test to take home, we will pay you for your work!

    Third Round - meet the rest of the team and discuss the next steps

    We want to hear from you!

    Tech stack

    Python, Pandas, Node.JS, AWS, PostgreSQL, React