JibJab is a digital entertainment studio that creates, produces and distributes things that make people laugh.

About Us

JIBJAB BROS. STUDIOS is a leading digital entertainment studio based in Los Angeles, California. From its flagship political and social satires, ecards and messages, to its kids and family brands, StoryBots® and Hello Santa™, the company has been innovating online entertainment since its founding in 1999. Today, the company company includes over 80 world-class artists, technologists and business people working hard in pursuit of a mission to make billions of people happy. JibJab’s investors include Polaris Venture Partners, Overbrook Entertainment, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Why choose JibJab:

We have a flexible work environment. There is an option of a standing desk, time shift your hours to beat traffic, or change projects to expand your skill set. JibJab is the fusion of art and technology, which means you can collaborate with world class artists and animators when you’re tired of debating other engineers about which framework is the best. In addition to the perks listed, we offer the chance to learn new technologies by participating in our Lunch and Learn program, where engineers teach each other new techniques, approaches, and best practices over lunch.

Interview Process

Our interview process varies upon the candidate and the position. Typically, there will be an initial resume screening, then a 30 minute to 1 hour phone screen assessing current situation and technical experience. After that, we sometimes do a screen share programming if we feel it is necessary. If that is not needed, the next step will be an onsite where the candidate will do a whiteboard screening for about 2.5 to 3 hours that concentrates on problem solving skills.

Our ideal candidate

has not job hopped, has experience working on a small team, wearing multiple hats and dealing with heavy traffic.

JibJab - Company Photo
JibJab - Company Photo
JibJab - Company Photo
JibJab - Company Photo