Iora Health

Redesigning the primary care delivery model from the ground up - payment, staffing, processes, tech, and culture - to improve patient outcomes.

Founded 2011
201-500 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    101 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02108, USA

    Design at Iora

    We’re looking for a great front-end coder who wants to become an effective designer. Who are we? We’re two designers in a small engineering team (less than twenty) who need some help driving design efforts for a company trying to change how healthcare works. You would be working with one designer with over ten years of product experience (who used to be able to code) and another designer with over ten years of product experience (who can still code). At first you will mostly be helping build the software’s front-end, but we definitely need more design help. We hope that will eventually be you!

    What We Need Today

    • Expert HTML and CSS to help us quickly build interfaces to test with users and stay ahead of engineers.
    • Deep understanding of common CSS pitfalls (e.g. specificity) for maintainable code.
    • Proficient using Git so we can stay close to engineers while we’re building the software.
    • Comfortable with white-boarding, sketching, and wireframing to help clarify and document design discussions.
    • Working understanding of Javascript (especially frameworks like Ember, Backbone, and React) so we can better manage subtler design interactions.
    • Familiarity with current best practices and methodologies (OOCSS, BEM, SMACSS, etc) so our codebase is easier to maintain.

    What We'll Need Sometime Soon

    • Expertise with Sketch or Photoshop to jump on more nuanced design projects.
    • Proficiency with prototyping tools like Quartz Composer, Framer, and Invision to manage more thorough prototypes.

    Things That Get Us Excited

    • Your side projects! They show you take initiative and like building stuff. We’d rather see a rough product with one user where you drove the thinking, than polished product with a million users where you followed someone else’s lead.
    • Your writing! How you communicate and describe your work is essential in getting it done quickly. Also, words are 95% of great design. Showing that you care about words will give us warm fuzzies.

    Growth & Culture at Iora

    Iora fosters an educational engineering culture based on collaboration. Each person on the engineering team at Iora averages close to 10 years of experience. If you have ever worked in a young, scrappy, fast-growth company, this is extremely rare. We love going to conferences and have dedicated time for demoing and discussing new techniques and technologies. You can learn amazing things from everyone you work with.

    Tech stack

    Sass, PostCSS, Ember, Backbone, React, Rails, Postgres, GitHub, Trello


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance
    Life insurance
    Disability insurance
    Iora Health - Dan and Matt (Iora's Design team) at our new downtown Boston office.