InTurn is the first marketplace that helps fashion and lifestyle brands efficiently sell their excess inventory to retailers.

Founded 2014
51-200 employees
  • Retail & Convenience Stores
  • Industrial Automation, Supply Chain Management, & Warehousing
  • Headquarters address
    33 W 17th Street

    Excess inventory is an opportunity disguised as a problem. Handled poorly, it can cripple a brand’s cash flow and create unnecessary losses. Handled correctly, it can generate profits.

    INTURN is reinventing the way brands and retailers buy and sell excess inventory--using technology to make it easier, faster, and more profitable for both sides. We’re addressing the ignored off-price market by bringing innovation for the first time since Microsoft released Excel. INTURN is designed for the fashion, accessories and apparel industries and led by retail industry veterans and technology experts.

    Our team is headquartered in New York City with additional offices in the U.K and L.A. We have an exceptionally talented team who are committed to challenging the norms in retail and providing incredible solutions in an industry that is hungry for answers. If you're smart, hard-working, inquisitive and kind, we want you on our team.


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    Insurance (Disability) - Our CTO giving a little employee appreciation speech. - Our engineers teaching the biz team the difference between front end and backend at our monthly WeLearn. - One of last summer's events- team scavenger hunts! - It's the backend dream-team hard at work.