Combining data-driven metrics with healthcare expertise to better the healthcare experience.

Founded 2015
51-200 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    2030 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123, USA

    Our Tale

    HealthRight didn't exist 2 months ago. How do you go from non-existent to 70 employees overnight? Why, you merge two successful companies and rename the unified awesome-ness! Voila, you now have a brand new, ready to rock team of dynamic individuals with complementary skillsets. On the one side, we specialize in performance-based marketing and data-driven optimization with over 10 years of success across numerous markets. On the other side, we bring 15+ years of healthcare expertise dealing with providers, pharmacies, doctors, and patients. Our goal? To create an amazing, unique, and (literally) life-changing experience for eHealth members. How? With the experience and specialty that each team member has to offer.

    But, I'm An Engineer

    And you have plenty of ideas, skills, and personality to share, which we would love to incorporate in our team. With a small engineering team, we are flat-structured with an incredibly collaborative environment ripe for pair programming, code reviews, and whiteboarding. We play with new technologies and collectively decide how every project is executed, from dev ops to data processing to frontend optimization.

    Growth & Opportunity

    The eHealth market is incredibly hot right now. Money is thrown around in the space for any companies who show the slightest potential (see Teladoc's Funding Rounds with a wholly, impressively negative profit sheet). However, these companies have one significant impediment to their success: they can't get users to use their service. They work on a breakage model, where they charge subscription fees and hope users won't use the service. What better way to address these pain points and gain adoption than with the help of a team specialized in marketing and optimization? HealthRight is primed in the booming market with a profitable, sustainable revenue stream and plans to grow and expand rapidly through 2016. We're constantly looking for talented individuals to step in and make a significant impact on our product, with many opportunities to explore.

    So drop by, grab a beer, and let's discuss how we can change the way people experience healthcare.

    Tech stack

    Ruby on Rails, Postgres, NodeJS, ReactJS, GitHub, TravisCI, AWS, Looker


    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
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    Vision insurance
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