Health Engine

HealthEngine helps people find and book health appointments online. Our marketplace connects patients with practitioners faster, improving access to healthcare for all Australians.

Founded 2005
51-200 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    9 Hunter St, Sydney


    HealthEngine is an established startup, changing the face of health access across Australia. As Australia's leading health appointment marketplace, we help millions of Australians find and book health appointments, 24/7. We combine two of Australia's fastest growing industries, Health and Technology. The new product team based in Sydney is a start-up within a start-up. We’re here to find the new products and market fit. A little bit of R&D mixed with fresh ideas and the freedom to build what needs to be built, turns out to be a whole lot of fun.

    We're a bunch of creatives, techies, business nuts and entrepreneurs. We question, innovate, collaborate and love change. We're growing fast and we'd love you to come along for the ride!

    Our Story

    HealthEngine is Australia’s dominant healthcare appointment booking platform, and now we are building the future of Australian healthcare. Each month we touch over 1.5m Australian lives, and want your help to bring user-centric healthcare to mainstream reality. HealthEngine is one of few Australian companies that thinks with a global mindset and has the resources to dominate an entire market sector. Pound for pound, HealthEngine is as dominant as any global healthcare booking platform.

    With over 100 staff in the Perth office, our Sydney office will start as a discrete team of 15 people, working on the next stage of HealthEngine’s capability. Without giving to much away, you’ll be part of probably the most resourced, forward thinking, and customer focussed digital healthcare team in the country. Come and build stuff that millions of eyeballs will see the very next month.


    We’re looking for key team members to join our development team in Sydney. People who a bit of an all rounder with experience building applications and products. We’re looking for hacker, someone who enjoys the craft of designing and building software, seeks autonomy and wants to work with and learn from a world class team of multi-discipline software engineers.

    You’ll be surrounded by globally competitive intellects, who are low on hierarchy, politics and procedures. We are high on output, elegant solutions, freedom, ownership and accountability. You’ll enjoy flexible holidays, flexible working hours, generous learning budgets, a modern CBD office, a free breakfast bar, and walking distance to a train station.

    In return, we are looking for the highest calibre of talent, with a relentless drive for technical, product and user experience excellence. We’re agile, practice radical candour, and we care about our customers, patients and each other. You’ll solve security, consumer, product and technology challenges at a global standard. Get on board, “I was employee number x at HealthEngine” is going to matter.

    Tech stack

    Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP, Javascript, AWS (EC2, S3, Redshift, Lambda), Git, Redis, Memcache, Varnish, ElasticSearch, Node.js, Ansible, Vagrant, Kibana, C, C++
    Health Engine - Not even our CEO escapes the birthday hat and cupcake avalanche.
    Health Engine - Christmas party 2016, and a coach full of Perth HEnginers. Standing room only. Mariah Carey Christmas acapella from the back seat, drawing out the radio.
    Health Engine - Mission statements are kind of cheesy, but we’re here to win healthcare, and want you to join us.
    Health Engine - We build stuff that we own, test and are proud of. Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply and we’ll send you our coding test.
    Health Engine - Your first day with us is a big deal; we’ll make you feel special and part of something bigger.
    Health Engine - We bake, we eat, we celebrate, and we raise money for good causes.
    Health Engine - We talk to customers. We have multiple teams who focus on GPs, dental and allied health markets all over Australia.
    Health Engine - Birthdays are a big deal, even for our COO - who sits next to everyone else. Same chairs, same desk, same hustle.
    Health Engine - Life isn’t complete without coffee. And yes, we rock our t-shirts.
    Health Engine - We get out of the office; here’s two of our growth team members getting at it.
    Health Engine - We live on hundreds of thousands of Australians’ phones, and materially impact their lives. People you meet will excitedly get their phone out to show you they have HealthEngine installed, and tell you what we mean to them.
    Health Engine - Halloween is another excuse to dress up, and be somebody else for the day. BYO weapons and illicit substances.
    Health Engine - A first day desk spread. Choose your weapons.
    Health Engine - We run our own internal hackathons. For two days, we pitch, create new teams and build stuff, and most of them get resourced further.
    Health Engine - Melbourne Cup in the office; sweepstakes, dresses and afterwork drinks.
    Health Engine - We get out of the office, and involved with events and other companies.  Rare for an Australian company, we have a truly global attitude to culture, quality and growth.
    Health Engine - Work how you choose. Want two monitors, a blanket and yoga ball? Sure. Want flexible work hours? Sure. Do we expect a lot in return? Sure.
    Health Engine - Winner of Best SaaS Company at StartCon 2016. CEO, COO, most of the growth team, and others spent two days at event and in private discussions with global leaders in growth from Uber, AirBnB, Pinterest and Grubhub, eating and drinking together.
    Health Engine - Themed parties are a thing, and almost everyone gets involved. #straya
    Health Engine - We like each other enough to chose to spend time together after work. (Yes we have a Slack channel #frothiesareimportant)
    Health Engine - Winner of Best SaaS Company at StartCon 2016. On our way to unicorn status. Seriously. Get on board.