Our mission is to design the future of work. A future where we love the work we do, and use our work to create a world we want to be a part of.

Founded 2017
1-15 employees
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    Sydney Australia

    Hatch is a new Australian venture founded by Adam Jacobs (Founder/MD of THE ICONIC, former BCG) and Chaz Heitner (Co-Founder Zip Money, former Macquarie Bank). Hatch is a flexible, on demand, high quality student workforce whose purpose is to pipeline outstanding young talent into organisations around the future skills they need.

    We live in a time of rapid change with technology the catalyst. In particular, we’re interested in the changing nature of work and how meaningful careers, lives and organisations will be constructed in the future.
    Hatch's purpose is for the future of work to be building healthy societies through meaningful work, which is defined as: - authentic: work you care about, impactful: work you are good at, aspirational: work that is important to the communities around you.
    When people are engaged and fulfilled by their work, companies are stronger, people and families happier, and societies better equipped for the future. However, a staggering 76% of the Australian and 86% of the global workforce is not engaged .
    This starts at the beginning of careers. Today students, your future workforce, are increasingly anxious about their future and feel disenfranchised by the process of starting their careers. Trying to decide what to do when you finish is extremely difficult with limited access to real world experience and a fast-changing work landscape.
    For companies, cultivating top talent with the right skills for the future of work has never been more important. However it is a time-intensive, expensive and difficult process where you are overloaded with applicant volume and there is immense competition. Typical hiring criteria of (i) CVs, (ii) grades, and (iii) interviews are proven to be not good predictors of fit.
    In response to these problems, we are building a global technology company in the ‘future of work’ space that will increase professional paid work for students to better meet an organisation's (i) young talent and skill development needs and (ii) contingent/agile work needs.
    In doing so we expect to significantly increase experiential learning for students to lead to greater world and self perspective, in turn leading to them towards meaningful career paths.

    Tech stack

    React, Node.JS, Amazon AWS, Postgresql
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