The best platform for teams to visualize and communicate ideas.

Founded 2005
16-50 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    501 2nd Street #501, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA
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    Gliffy was founded in 2005 as the world’s first web-based diagramming tool. We've made it easy for anyone to communicate their ideas clearly and visually. Over four million people have signed up to use our SaaS application, along with notable customers like Oracle, Twitter, Pandora and Adobe. You can read user reviews at the Google Chrome Store and Atlassian's Marketplace.

    While Gliffy provides the stability of an established player, we also foster a culture of innovation. We've bootstrapped our way to profitability and have never needed to take outside funding. We're the rare startup that is actually funded by millions of customers who love us. Our team is a tight-knit and collaborative group that genuinely enjoys spending time together.

    Gliffy is now focused on expanding and launching our product offerings into new directions, while maintaining the utmost satisfaction of our customers and employees. As a member of our growing team, you'll have an opportunity to make a big impact on the business with each decision you make. We use tools and philosophies that not only allow us work smarter and more efficiently, but also ensure that we what we do. We're constantly pushing the bounds of what web applications are capable of, keeping everyone's job challenging and interesting.



    It's cozy, colorful, sunny, and offers a great view of SOMA. All major transportation hubs and a ton of awesome restaurants are in within walking distance. Every employee has an adjustable standing desk and their pick of the latest technology so that they can do their best work. We provide catered lunches once a week, go out to lunch as a company once a month, organize quarterly team building exercises all over the bay area, and participate in local volunteer events. And the icing on the cake? While our office is open Monday thru Friday, we allow employees to work from home on Mondays and Fridays so they can focus and get work done without interruption.


    Gliffy believes in giving back to the community that supports us. Throughout the year we ask employees to nominate organizations and volunteer opportunities, then donate a portion of our profits and time to those various causes. We are proud to be a part of the Pledge 1% movement.

    Gliffy also gives back to our dedicated employees! We offer everyone a stake in Gliffy’s future through stock options and they get to share in our current success through quarterly bonuses.


    Our caring, creative, and forward-thinking team believes in working faster by working smarter. That's why we create the simplest, most effective tools that take the ambiguity out of communication so you can explain yourself less and focus more on what you love. This blog post is a deep-dive into our core values, but here's an overview of them so that you know what you're getting into:

    • Have Heart: Be a good human.
    • Feel the Weight: Know that what you do has real impact. Be inspired by it.
    • Show Some Guts: Don’t be an ass when you speak. But don’t let the fear of having your ass handed to you stop you from speaking.
    • Give Support, Get Support: Build yourself up by building up others.
    • Find Your Balance: Do what it takes. Don’t let it take everything out of you.
    • Grit and Bear It: Don’t give up. Success is not for the faint of heart.

    When all of these pieces come together at the end of the day, it makes for an enjoyable workplace and a cohesive team. Still not convinced? Check us out on Glassdoor.


    Our interview process typically begins with a video chat with our Head of Engineering to help you learn more about the role and our culture, as well as to help Gliffy understand your skill set, interests, and career goals. A second video chat with one of our senior engineers involving a tech test to dive deeper into your knowledge-base usually follows, but if you've got enough swag we'll set up on an on-site interview ASAP. During the onsite, you'll meet with at least four key members of our team and learn about our complete benefits package if it hasn't been discussed already.

    Tech stack

    HTML5, Javascript, Ember, CSS3, HTML5 Canvas, Java / Scala, Play Framework


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

    Health and wellness

    Insurance (Health)
    Insurance (Dental)
    Insurance (Vision)
    Insurance (Life)
    Insurance (Disability)

    Values and quality of life

    Catered meals
    Gliffy - We work in a sunny office with a view
    Gliffy - Some of us do yoga at lunch once a week
    Gliffy - We volunteer in the community every year
    Gliffy - We work hard so we can play hard.
    Gliffy - We're a team, whether in the office or not.
    Gliffy - Look at all of that technology!
    Gliffy - We're adventurous.